Within the Upheaval and the Chaos, a New Earth is Emerging | Lord Ashtar and the Angelic Kingdom via Lynne Rondell

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I'm coming back to you this beautiful Thursday with another channeling. This one's going to be from Lord Ashtar and the angelic kingdom and they are titling this one « Through the upheaval and the chaos a new earth is emerging »

So here we go.


Hello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar coming through this channel today with the angelic kingdom coming through this channel today with another message that i feel is timely and important and may help to shift your views on what you're thinking about what's going on right now and how it looks out there.

I want to talk about the upheaval and the chaos that is going on on your planet and i want to let you know what is really happening behind the scenes of that and why it's happening and where your planet Mother Earth is heading and where you're also going to end up because of the upheaval and because of the chaos and because of what you're seeing on your planet, where you're going to end up.

First i want to talk about the chaos and the upheaval and i want to let all of you know that this is necessary, that this is just part of what it's taking to move all of you forward, this is part of what it's taking to bring you all in ,we're going to say, to a new dawn, to a new earth, to something that you've never been in before.

This is the extent that it's taking as this third dimensional matrix and grids, all these blocks as i say they're all breaking up, they're all different systems, they're in different compartments but they're all different systems and one by one they're breaking apart and they're shining on you so you can see what you've been in, what you've always been held down in and what you don't want anymore.

By going through this, by going through this upheaval and by going through all this chaos and it seems like your earth, your world, all of it is actually being turned upside down, it's actually being broken apart to show you what you've been living in for thousands and thousands of years and to show you again what is going to keep coming up, what you don't want. What you have had that is not good, it's showing you now the level of control, the level of dominance, the level of power, the level of greed and it's going to keep showing you, as it unravels, who's behind it, who's been doing this all along, who is pushing this mask agenda, who is pushing this vaccine mandate, how did this virus even get created.

You're going to start to see the truth that is going to come out, you're going to start to see many very dark organizations unraveling « at their seams », as everything is just blowing apart right in front of them. You're going to start to see a lot of last-ditch efforts to try to control you, to try to manipulate you, to try to dominate you once again, to try and tell you things that are not true, as they've always told you things that are not true but so that they can put you back down into this third dimensional world, we're going to say, the draconian matrix is gone but what's left is these boxes as this channel calls them and they're different systems in each one of these boxes and as these boxes literally blow apart, the system comes out at you.

You've seen the system of fear, you've seen the control system, you've seen the manipulation system, you've seen the dominance system, you see those with the most money, those big pharma corporations and those that have the most clout, those that think that they are in the driver's seat to tell you what you can and cannot do and when you must do it and where and why.

This is all blowing apart, they really don't have any control anymore, there's nothing left.So you're going to see everything pushing out at you. You've always been in this, we're going to tell you, this is not new, this what you're seeing is not new. This is how all of you have been living actually for thousands and thousands of years, you've been dominated and controlled by a lot of very dark humans, a lot of very dark negative ET's and a lot of these that's under the ground.

This is all breaking apart, the dark is leaving, completely leaving but you're going to see everything flying at you. We want you to look at the chaos, we want you to look at the upheaval, we want you to look at what's actually going on on your planet as a blessing for it is now showing all of you that are holding on the fourth dimension, that is why you're seeing it.

You wouldn't see it down here on the third dimension, you'd be fine with it as you always have been fine with it but since most of you that are going, we're going to say 95 of you that are going to ascend to the fifth dimension. You're on the fourth dimension, you're now being forced to watch what's going on in a dimension below you. This is why you see it, this is why you see what's being played out now, this is why you don't want it anymore, this is why you're actually going to have to come up against a lot of these systems to dismantle them.

This is a blessing for in this blessing you will dismantle and shift every single system and paradigm that is and has been here for so very long. You will dismantle it, you will want better, you will want fairness, you will want truth, you will want your freedom, you will want to live in peace, compassion, harmony, love.

You're going to take each one of these systems and you're going to dismantle the whole thing and it's going to be dissolved and a new way of being, a new way of living, a new way of walking your journey through your life is upon. You are creating and birthing a new world, a new earth. You are doing all of it, all of you. You are saying no in the face of all these systems, you are going to dismantle everything, you are going to hold a higher consciousness and you're going to shift not only your consciousness but the collective.

Now remember all you have to do is navigate differently with your mind, all you have to do is think differently, think of things that are in a higher vibration and dimension, shift up. All you have to do is dismantle this and shift to better. It's that easy, it's not difficult, you're all rolling right through this and there will be those that are sleeping, that are actually on a high enough consciousness level but that aren't going to know that they're going to the fifth dimension but their body is still going to be able to do the purging work, they're still going to hold the light. They're just not going to know what's happening but their bodies at a higher enough frequency and vibration that they are being shifted up, their consciousness is being shifted up.

Every time you, light workers, way showers, starseeds, all you conscious beings of love out there, every single time you pick a higher timeline then you navigate through this and you want better you drag them alongthe cloud. This unified body of beings of light is getting larger and larger and larger.

There's enough of you that have woken up, there's enough of you now, starseeds, wayshowers, it doesn't even matter if that's what you came in to do, you're just conscious, you're on this journey, you're watching this channel, you know that what she's saying and what we're bringing through is truth. You're on the journey to the fifth dimension consciously therefore you're going to bring up those who are still holding enough light but are never really going to know what happened. They're just going to feel that they're shifting and that is all right, there are going to be that part of the collective, that's conscious and holding high enough vibration, that's going to just be pulled up with the rest of you, when you pull them up.

There's a lot of different ways people are going to shift to the fifth dimension but look at this as a blessing, look at what's going on on your planet and think « thank you for happening », thank you for happening because of the upheaval, because of the chaos.You now are shifting to better. You're shifting to that of love, you're bringing it from your ego to your heart center and remember your ego mind is a third dimensional mind.

You're shifting from your mind, your ego mind to your heart center. You're elevating your consciousness, you're elevating your vibration. All of you are doing beautifully holding that light, you're on the journey.

This chaos and this upheaval and what you see, you're going to dismantle it and push right through it. You're going to say « i don't think so » and every time you do that and you stand up for your truth compassionately, passionately you shift the consciousness of the collective.

We want to tell you, you're very close, you're very very close to the first wave of your ascension, enough of you are shifting to that of love, enough of you are shifting to that of compassion, enough of you are shifting to the wants of many, not the selfish wants ofone or two, of those with the money and the power and enough of you want equality and a lot of you, all of you want the truth, you want fairness, you want to know what this is the truth, you want to see the truth and you want to shift to a world that is better.

You are creating a new earth, you are birthing a new earth because of all the work that all of you are doing, you're creating something so wonderful, so glorious and so different than you've ever had here before. You're going to be so very happy, you're going to really know what you've done when you get to the fifth dimension as well, you're gonna know in your hearts the journey, you're gonna have felt your way navigated through all of this denseness and you're gonna know when you get to the fifth dimension that you've really arrived and what you've achieved.

You're going to feel different, you're going to be more loving in your heart. Your bodies will have shifted to a much lighter frequency and you're going to know the journey that you've taken was worth it, you're gonna know all this, what looks like pain and suffering, all this breaking apart of all these systems and blocks that have been put in this third dimensional matrix for eons and eons. You're going to know what you've really achieved.

We're all of us from the higher councils and collectives along with the entire angelic kingdom we're cheering you on. We're in your « corner », we're sending you everything you need to keep going forward.

Do not worry, do not get yourself upset, just know that this is all part of it, this is what has to happen. Look at it as a blessing and know you're nearing the fifth dimension.

I, Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic are so privileged to actually be bringing through these messages through this channeler as she's doing a lot of work, a lot of wonderful things bringing forth, the knowledge that is truth, the knowledge to all of you so that you can really sit with it, you can share it, you can expand on it and you can know that we're really with you, all of us.

We're sending you such love, we're sending you such light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you angelic kingdom and the high councils. Wow, that was a wonderful message that came through. It really resonated with me, i hope it resonated with all of you. We are really being helped, we are going to have to go through the upheaval and the chaos but just look at it as a blessing. For in this blessing that we're in, this moment that we're in, we are dismantling all of it and we're going to have a wonderful new earth, we're going to be living with love, compassion and sitting at the seat of our souls with a new journey. So i look forward to channeling many more of these messages for all of you, sending you such love and light and blessings

Source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibrCviNu6yg

Within the Upheaval and the Chaos, a New Earth is Emerging | Lord Ashtar and the Angelic Kingdom via Lynne Rondell Within the Upheaval and the Chaos, a New Earth is Emerging | Lord Ashtar and the Angelic Kingdom via Lynne Rondell Reviewed by TerraZetzz on 10/21/2020 10:50:00 AM Rating: 5

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