Urgent Planetary Meditation for Setting up Global Divine Governance | Aseim

October 26, 2020

Currently, the United States just so happens to be the GLOBAL HEAD-QUARTERS (as well as the breeding ground / playing field) for all those of lesser-light and lower-intent. These worshippers of darkness and deceit have ruled over humanity for many, many, eons upon eons now -- and basically think of us as their permanent and eternal SLAVES. And if you have anything whatsoever to do with spirituality, awakening, or spiritual leanings of absolutely ANY sort in here, then, TRUST ME, these ones have gone to some extremely dark and messed up ways to shut you down. Did they succeed all the time? Clearly not. But they sure as hell have most definitely TRIED. Rather, it is SO that they’ve attempted to cut short your lifespan many, many, MANY more times than you’d even like to know in here.

And this is why these ongoing US elections are our ONE BIG CHANCE to turn the tide back in the favour of LOVE and LIGHT once again upon this beautiful planet of ours. Because folks, no matter WHERE you reside upon this planet, this election and its results WILL AFFECT YOU. So it’s more than wise to heed this message NOW, so that YOU may be able to affect the outcome of THIS ELECTION all in YOUR FAVOUR instead. And DO THIS YOU ALL CAN, well WITHOUT A DOUBT, as has been PROVEN EXTREMELY WELL BEFORE.

Know that it is SO VERY CRITICAL right now that we bring LOVE / LIGHT to this election process; so that the history of humanity may be REwritten forever, as we ALL make our way right back into the LIGHT here no less. (REMEMBER: They can censor your VOICE or erase your VOTE, but they can NEVER EVER DO A DAMN THING about your INNER POWER to create the REALITY OF YOUR DEEPEST DESIRES. Know this. Always.)

AN IMPORTANT PRE-MEDITATION NOTE: If you’re new to mass meditations / manifestations, here’s how it all even works. All you even need to do in here is to simply IMAGINE / VISUALIZE a situation / event / scenario / happening / occurrence AS BEST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, and then, truly, deeply, FEEL all emotional feelings (and even physical sensations) associated with your experiencing THAT VERY SCENE / SITUATION --- all as if the said scene in question was unfolding in front of your eyes right at THIS VERY MOMENT (this is key). That’s pretty much it. And that you keep doing ("tuning in") this as often as you can throughout your day, whenever you so get the free time to do so, for MAXIMUM EFFECT AND IMPACT!

Finally, for those of who absolutely SUCK AT visualizing / imagination, worry NOT. Because, at the end of the day, it is only and ONLY your INTENTION + TRULY FEELING (as if what you’d desired was literally happening RIGHT NOW in front of you) that gets the job done in here. And finally, if you suck at even THAT, worry not STILL! For you can always and ALWAYS make a very simple PRAYER to Yourself / Your Higher Self / God / Angels / Galactics / Ascended Masters etc. and get that job in question done REGARDLESS! Or just send that situation in question a BLESSING for the HIGHEST OUTCOME POSSIBLE (note: You can do this as many times as you possibly like) to get your chosen desire to come true regardless! Options aplenty to go around here with regards to achieving our end objective here, folks.

THE MEDITATION – STEP ONE: Find the most COMFORTABLE space that you can possibly manage to find for yourself before beginning this meditation. Note that while this isn’t necessarily a prerequisite, it is greatly ADVISABLE nevertheless for the best effect, here.

Also note that you can freely do this meditation in ANY given pose of your preference; sitting, standing, sleeping, whatever it is that you’re the MOST comfortable in. (Because the more comfy you are here, the better and more so POWERFUL shall be your meditation!). Also advisable to “set up” (beforehand) the place of your choice prior to your meditation (if this is at all possible), by setting up multiple additional mind-calming agents around yourselves such as calming music, incenses, crystals, candles etc. The clearer, calmer and more relaxed your mind, the more POWERFUL is your meditation!

THE MEDITATION – STEP TWO: ASK all higher beings and energies (such as angels, God, ascended masters, higher selves, galactics, passed-over family and friends etc.) to ASSIST and PROTECT you INFINITELY during this meditation; as also to amplify YOUR intentions / energies for you INFINITELY. Kindly note here that THESE higher beings / energies are simply NOT PERMITTED to do so without your EXPRESS FREE-WILL REQUEST/APPROVAL. So PLEASE give them that permission/request so that YOUR JOB gets done a whole lot more easily in that way. And that even if/when you are unable to manage a given meditation instruction on here properly; that THEY can then step in on YOUR BEHALF and do it FOR YOU instead. It's a complete and total win-win for all of you, dear folks.

THE MEDITATION – STEP THREE: EXPLICITLY ASK God / Angels / Your Higher Self to LOCK your ENERGIES by making sure that they are used and utilized only and ONLY for the HIGHEST GOOD of the whole world at large and NOTHING ELSE. This ‘intention lock’ basically prevents anyone else from misusing / stealing YOUR free energies for THEIR (guaranteed nefarious!) intentions and purposes.

THE MEDITATION – STEP FOUR: (if required, please visit the ‘Important Pre-meditation Note’ provided above to re-learn the method/s necessary for doing this): INTEND / VISUALIZE that the US Election process goes smoothly, peacefully and in COMPLETE INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY in every single way and / or manner IMAGINABLE.

THE MEDITATION – STEP FIVE: INTEND / VISUALIZE that the RESULTS of this election are received PEACEFULLY and LOVINGLY; and that the election in question puts into governance BEINGS OF THE HIGHEST LIGHT, BENEVOLENCE, SERVICE-ORIENTEDNESS, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, TRUTHFULNESS, INTEGRITY, HONESTY, PEACEFULNESS, WISDOM and above all, true UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is suggested here that instead of visualizing actual people or candidates of your liking (not that you shouldn’t be doing this), that you INSTEAD visualize BEINGS MADE OF LIGHT or ANGELS or SAINTS or ASCENDED MASTERS or DIVINE GOD-ESSENCE filling up EVERY IMAGINABLE LEVEL of your Governments and Bureaucratic Structures, right from the bottom to the top. (You could even imagine YOUR-SELF in place of the president and all of the people under him - if THAT'S whom you trust the most to have the perfect integrity and honesty and love and TRUTH!)

Doing so will literally FORCE any person (even if it were to be the literal devil himself) entering into a position of power and authority upon your world to either COMPLY with your DIVINE GOVERNANCE BLUEPRINT or LEAVE. Z.E.R.O. exceptions.

THE MEDITATION – STEP SIX: INTEND / VISUALIZE that as a result of your meditation and INTENTIONS, that the ENTIRE WORLD AT LARGE gets affected POSITIVELY and BENEVOLENTLY. That compassion, kindness, forgiveness and LOVE take precedence over and above ALL ELSE. That there is EQUALITY for ALL in every way that it implies; and that the entirety of human civilization becomes HARMONIOUS, INTEGRATED, BALANCED and with a brilliant CAMARADERIE as a result of all of this. That all man-made borders and arguments and barriers and conflicts and hassles within/between/amongst mankind cease to exist PERMANENTLY as a result of this election, and that UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE and GLOBAL HARMONY AND UNITY become the order of the day here.

That the results of this election usher in WAVES UPON WAVES of tremendously POSITIVE CHANGES for ALL OF HUMANITY --- from cleaner air and water and environment to better treatment of ALL living beings, to PLANETARY ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY for ALL, to INFINITELY BETTER standards of living, technologies, and such; to UNIMAGINABLY GREATER LEVELS of spiritual connection / awareness / consciousness / awakening ALL ACROSS THE PLANET, to INCREDIBLY AMAZING and BENEVOLENT changes / transformations within EVERY SINGLE FIELD IMAGINABLE from health and healing to food and beverages, education, transportation, science, governance and what-else-have-you-got! INTEND / IMAGINE this ‘Divine Government’ disclosing ALL truths regarding things that have EVER been hidden away from mankind, INCLUDING Extraterrestrial Disclosure, so that a new golden chapter within the history of planet Earth may well be OPENED once and for all for all of us to collectively explore and enjoy in here. Leading thereafter to Open ET Contact and reunion with all of our galactic, universal, multiversal, omniversal, extraterrestrial and extradimensional friends and families! (you can add this part to your visualizations/intentions too)

THE MEDITATION – STEP SEVEN: That’s it! You’re all done in here!!! Don’t forget to spend a few minutes in Gratitude for thanking ALL benevolent energies and beings who assisted and protected you so very UNCONDITIONALLY and lovingly during this incredible global mass meditation process of MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS! Now, go forth and enjoy your day!

THE MEDITATION – STEP EIGHT: Naah, this isn’t even really a "step" here, so to speak. But more so a REMINDER to ONE AND ALL for setting your CLOCK ALARM for this particular meditation timing -- and that too – all according to YOUR own specific time zone no less (lest you forget this awesome thing altogether!). The meditation is at 11:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time on the 29th of October, 2020, by the way. CLICK HERE to get a time zone conversion for this for your respective place/s of residence. (Though if you really CANNOT make it at this time, try doing this at 11:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time on the same day --- or if even THAT isn’t possible, then at any other time throughout THAT VERY DAY right after making the INTENTION that your energies / intentions be added to the main mass meditation in question!) Kindly note here that the MORE the numbers of people doing it ALL AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, the MORE will be its POWER, EFFICACY and EFFECTIVENESS no less. Just some Divine Spiritual Laws for ya.

Finally, DON’T FORGET TO SHARE this meditation / message with EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU KNOW be it friends, family, neighbours, colleagues or who-else-have-you! DO REACH OUT to your local spiritual communities, awakened collectives and groups and forums and whatnot to make this happen; and most certainly DO speak about this in your conversations with your near and dear ones AND ALSO upon your social media platforms no less! Also, since this whole thing simply ISN’T about electing any "specific" or "particular" party / person AT ALL, no one should really have any qualms in participating in this in any way, shape or form here WHATSOEVER!

To conclude things here, here's some IRREFUTABLE PROOF that DIVINE TRANSFORMATION on such lines is ALREADY AFOOT (even as you read this text), and, as such, isn't exactly a "fairy tale dream". As also some IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of the fact that all of this "mass meditation stuff" stuff truly, really, WORKS!

AN ADDITIONAL (AND INCREDIBLE!) BONUS: A YET ANOTHER EPIC-ALLY additional way that you can use to serve and support the planet and its people at this time. AND YET ANOTHER ONE!

I thank you ALL from the very bottom of my heart for this incredible and BEAUTIFUL contribution to the collective consciousness of humankind. May you ALL be INFINITELY blessed with INFINITE love, light, joy, harmony, bliss, abundance and PEACE!

I thank you all for reading :)
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