Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Eagle has Landed | Victor

October 8, 2020


"THE UNIVERSE IS WAITING FOR YOU NOW!"........The whole universe is waiting for you. What do you want to build? What do you want to manifest? What do you want to feel? What do you want to know and experience?

What do you want? DO YOU KNOW?

Imagine a giant super (AI) master computer attached to the center of this earth? or Imagine a giant HEART OF LIGHT in the center of this earth, attached to a living entity called earth.....Which it is. Earth is a conscious being but we may not know it?.

You may not know it or accept it because that is not a part of the mindset and awareness of a 3D reality. But in a 4D reality?.... Knowing that the Earth is alive, as YOU are ALIVE, as everything is alive ......are the new rules for another dimension. A dimension that the Earth is going Into right now and more. The Earth is going on a trip as we who live here are going on a trip of "EVOLUTION" to a 5D world. Some have called it an ASCENSION......which it is.

The vibrations on this part of the Galaxy are going up! But you say ...."I don't see it?"....and that is to be expected because the Universe lags some in its manifestations, to make sure that YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT!.

Perhaps, a 5d world is like a step too far to accept since we as a collective have "no context" for innerstanding such experiences .....yet? But those experiences are on their way, and they are coming as are your manifestations. So..... THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS WAITING FOR YOU TO MANIFEST IT!.......Hard to believe, but those are the rules of this NEW GAME.

WHAT DO YOU WANT?......Because now you can create it!.... We can LEARN TO CREATE ......and to live in such a 4D and 5 D world right now! But How?

By knowing what you want to manifest? What do you want to experience and going inward to know from YOURSELF? That is the only point of this article. Because the Universe is like that large loaded and running and waiting computer, WAITING FOR YOU!.....waiting FOR YOUR INSTRUCTION TO CREATE, to manifest what is in your mind and heart. YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL AND YOU ARE THE AWARENESS IN CHARGE.

The Universe needs you. YOU ARE THE CHANGE, since you have changed yourself, even if you don't know it yet. In the old 3D world it used to be that ....."Uncle Sam needs You"...... the same sort of thing NOW, except that, .....NOW YOU HAVE GRADUATED beyond an elementary 3D level of where you don't need the government to tell you what to do and others to think and control you. That is over.

NOW you tell the government and the whole Universe what to do!. YOU ARE A CO-CREATOR.....with your thoughts and intention. You are no longer a "lacker". That is why all through man's history and religions in the past, you were told to be a... "moral person"....or a similar salt of the earth type person. That was "training" for NOW and that was good enough back then, to prove and state a point and to practice learning SELF RESPONSIBILITY.


What you think is what you EXPERIENCE AND MANIFEST !........YES.....Hard to believe and accept with a 3D mind in a 3D world, because in that frequency, manifestation was hard. It was hard because you can say that the AI computer or the heart of the EARTH was controlled of hijacked by darkness to keep you small and lacking. NO MORE!.

NOW........your thoughts are starting to be very powerful and the Universe is waiting for you to manifest something, and it will. If you are still thinking like a 3D person with fear, lack, and WAITING!........waiting for a politician to tell you to take the mask off!......You will just manifest the same old trash when you can escape. This NEW WORLD IS UP TO US!

LOOK INWARD INSTEAD OF OUTWARD!....WHAT DO WE WANT TO EXPERIENCE? ......Do we really want more of the past? Why would we want that? Why would we want to stay in a prison? Who wants out?..... Anyone here?..... What do you want? one it going to tell you what to do. NOW the little bird has to fly on its own and see that it is an Eagle. ...."THE EAGLE HAS LANDED !".......AND YOUR are in a new world.FEAR DOES NOT EXIST!....unless you say it does! You are on another planet now and that is you in your power!. YOU have been made you feel it?

Those that are old enough may remember a great old science fiction movie of the 1950's......It was called ...."FORBIDDEN PLANET".....what a great movie. Almost 70 years ago the world was told the secret of this planet. In that movie a supper advance race of people had created a Super Computer. A massive creation with (AI) like powers of manifestation.

The size of the computer in that movie spoke to the power of AI computing that exists now. But in 1950's just the idea of computers was new. They did not even exist for the average person until the 1980's or later. But that movie is what a 4D world is like.

What you think.... YOU MANIFEST. !.....In that movie the new space explorers landed and were being attacked by unknown forces. They did not know that the AI computer was WAITING TO MANIFEST. !........IT WAS WAITING FOR THEM!....So when the explorers MANIFESTED "unconscious fear thoughts".......they showed up. NO one understood it!

Until they realized HOW THIS NEW WORLD WORKED. What you thought just showed up!. SO BE IT!.... That is how a 4D world operates. That is how we operate now. We are the controllers of the Universe and the Universe is the computer waiting for us to manifest what we want.

WHAT DO WE WANT?.........BECAUSE THE ...."EAGLE HAS LANDED"............that be YOU....and you are in a NEW WORLD!.... Know what you want and make it so....CREATOR!