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How will it Feel on the Day you Ascend | The Galactic Federation of Light via Lynne Rondell

Channel Lynne Rondell


Coming back to this beautiful Thursday with yet another channeling.

This channeling is going to be from the galactic federation of light and they're going to start to really talk about the ascension, to get everybody ready to see how you're going to feel exactly, sort of what to expect.

So they're titling this one « what's it going to feel like and what's it going to be like when you ascend »

So here we go.


We are the galactic federation of light, we're very excited to bring through yet another channeling through this channel. She's going to be putting out a lot of messages from us, collectives of light, the angelic kingdom, lord ashtar, a lot of different groups and we're really going to start telling you exactly what's going to happen with this ascension.

We're going to start really kind of going in depth to help all of you get ready and we're really going to tell you what you're going to need, sort of to know how you're going to feel, what you're going to go through, what's going to happen.

This channeling is going to be how it's going to feel when you get to the fifth dimension, when you ascend and we want to preface this with we're going to let you know that the first and second waves of your ascension are actually coming very rapidly as you have switched five timelines actually to fast track. Mother Earth has a huge timeline that she's put in there.

She's very excited and she's very eager to get to the fifth dimension. There's a lot she knows that will happen when she anchors to the fifth dimension. As we have said before she needs to throw off a lot of dark now and the easiest way to throw that dark off negative ET's, witches, negative humans, reptilian humans, underworld being, the easiest way for her to start to throw off that dark and to sort of help the higher councils of light along with the angelic realm is to actually have herself anchored up into the fifth dimension.

The first wave we thought was going to be about 25 to 50, it's going to be about 75 to 200 to 250. Now these are beings a lot of humans that have just jumped down to help Mother Earth and humanity with this ascension.

We did say before a call went out, avery long time ago Mother Earth said i need help, i want you go to the fifth dimension, i'm not staying in this third denseness anymore. So a lot of starseeds, a lot of way showers, a lot of light workers, a lot of really fantastic light beings came from all different galaxies, star nations all around.

There's a lot of angelic beings that also jumped in, as this channeler is one of them. She's actually come down from the 12th dimension to sort of help with all of you with your ascension. She's going to tell you exactly what's coming through. She's actually helping Mother Earth and you all to ascend. She has a lot of huge jobs working with Mother Earth, working with the grid system. She does work with the entire angelic kingdom. So they have sent her down to be of service. She's only been here a few lifetimes as well. We will speak about that at some point.

She has made pivotal marks in her lifetimes before sort of spreading love, talking about love, talking about truth, sort of helping humanity to come together more unconditionally in love. So there's a lot of people like this channeler that are just jumping in for this moment in time to help all of you ascend and there's a lot, there's millions of starseeds have come in but those that have come in that are already ready. There's a lot of grid workers as well. They're ready to go up that first wave.

The second wave will not be far out and it's now going to be millions and millions of you. It'll be three or four weeks after the first wave which we're looking at about three weeks to six weeks out now. We'll keep bringing through messages through this channeler. Mother Earth is getting very impatient so things are being pushed up a notch with that but it's going to support all of you and it's going to let those that have go up in first and second waves anchor this light in the fifth dimension for all of you on Mother Earth.

They'll start doing the grid work, they will lay the foundation for the fifth dimension as the quantum field works, if you saw that channeling the quantum field will work with all the beings on the fifth dimension as well, really sort of helping them more with their gifts and the truths, aligning them more with their journey and their soul's purpose.

They're really going to sort of come on. We do call this a great awakening, it is a great awakening that all souls are waking up to the knowledge actually of who they are, all souls are waking up to the knowledge that we are ascending, all souls are waking up to the realization that we are all really one huge light being we're going to say, one huge unified collective of light and all souls are waking up to the reality that it is the purpose of journeying to live in your heart, to express love, to be love, to feel love and to be of service.

There's a lot of souls waking up to all that we just said. This is a great and grand awakening. You're all doing such a good job shifting. Those that are going up on the first and second waves may not have been down here for a long time, may have just jumped in. It's very easy for them to purge their chakras, open their light bodies, shift their consciousness because a lot of those came from very high dimensions and they're already seated in their heart, they're already aligned with their higher power and higher self. So they already came in with the knowing of that, that's why they are able to ascend very quickly.

A day in the life of your ascension and what it will feel like when you ascend.

The sun is sending solar flares out, they are not big. We're going to tell you, some of you will feel this huge shift, some of you will feel a huge run of energy we're going to say and the run of energy will sort of hit through your energy field, your energy body.

Your energy field and your physical body may tingle but you're going to feel that something has really changed. You're not just gonna wake up and say like oh i guess i'm on the fifth dimension. You're gonna know you've ascended. You're all gonna know even those who might ascend that not really clueing into it's the fifth dimension, they're going to know something huge happened.

It's like you're going to wake up the next morning and things are going to look different. You're going to feel lighter, things are going to look brighter, you're going to feel a calm and peace that's going to come over you. You're going to feel more of a center into your heart and your heart chakra. We're going to say that you're all of you even if you don't feel all these symptoms we're going to talk about, you're going to feel at peace, you're going to feel a shift.

This channeler can feel when each shift in the consciousness of humanity and all the shifts that she's already gone through for the last 10 years. She will wake up in the morning, she will look around, dimensions will look different, it'll seem like she's up very high walking on air almost and she will know that her physical body along with her energy body has done a huge shift.

You're going to know, you're going to feel different, it's not going to hurt, it's not going to be painful, there's not going to be a blackout, there's not going to be three days of silence, there's not going to be anything bad that happens to any of you but the fact that you're going to feel a rush of love to your heart, you may feel some tingling, you may feel energy rushing in your light body but you're going to feel a sense of peace, you're going to feel a sense of all-knowing.

For when you do shift up, it is huge, it is much different than the shift that you did in the fourth dimension. You're going to feel a calmness, you're going to feel relaxed and you're going to really know that something wonderful has transpired. Now we're going to say those of you can probably see the air going back and forth like this and kind of up and down, that's been happening for a long time on the fourth dimension but a lot of you even if you're not seeing that you're still on the fourth dimension, look closely at the grass, look closely at the trees, you're going to see a dimensional bounce we're going to say.

When you go to the fifth dimension things are going to be more vibrant, your wants are going to shift to sort of more encompassing everyone, you're going to feel your vibration has quickened, you're going to feel your light body, your physical body even feels a little lighter. We're going to say your food is going to shift, so we are going to say for a lot of you that like to eat meat, chicken, dense things you're not gonna crave it anymore and you're gonna be out of craving things that really don't serve you.

You're not gonna be going to the fifth dimension doing drugs, you're not gonna be going to the fifth dimension really putting poisonous things, toxic things into your body, that's gonna slow your dimensional rays down, that's gonna sort of muddle everything in your energy field, that's gonna actually you're gonna take a quantum leap down by doing that.

The cleaner you can have your body, the pure you can eat, it doesn't mean taking a lot of supplements. Your body kind of will tell you then what it wants. This channeler knows she actually get a picture will pop into her mind of what she needs to eat and then she will eat it. She does not take a lot of supplements at all. She actually does not believe in them. She believes in getting all most of your nutrition and everything from what you eat, what you put in your body.

You will shift that way as well, you will just sort of feel more for the wants and needs that your body needs to sort of keep itself going but we're going to say the one thing you will feel, you will feel you have shifted, you will feel something you have transformed in some way, things will look brighter, you will feel lighter and you'll have a sense of peace, a sense of knowing. It's almost a sense of returning home to the higher vibrations from which you came.

This is a lot to think about i know but the more information we can send through this channeler, the more she can help each and every one of you on your journey get ready. There's nothing bad about this ascension, it's wonderful, you will feel amazing, you'll be happier because you'll be holding a higher vibration. You'll have a lot of higher energies coming in for you, you'll resonate more with all that's on the fifth dimension as well, you'll be more in tune with the animals nature, you'll be much more connected to Mother Earth, you'll see the beauty in all that is that you might not have seen before.

These are all amazing things, there's nothing to be afraid of, you're not going on any spaceship, there's no spaceships that have to pull you up, there's no higher collectives of light or angels that are going to do this for you, you're going to do it yourself. You're the ones in the driver's seat, you're the ones making the decisions and navigating this journey.

We are only along with you, we are doing so much to ensure that you do ascend, we're doing so much sending wonderful vibrations down and light and activations and really helping all of you to assimilate. We are with you, you all have your angels, you all have your guides as well. They are jumping up and helping all of you as well.

Look to this as you're awakening, as your remembrance as to a monumental event that's going to happen for each and one and every one of you and know that all of us are with you, know that we are on your journey with you, we are helping you. We are all, we are nine of the 12 councils, galactic councils federation of light, we are sending you such blessings, we're sending you such love, we're sending you such light. Something to think about !

We love you.


Thank you galactic federations of light all nine councils that was a wonderful message. It's really going to be a wonderful journey. I hope that this helps all of you sort of know it's coming and not to be afraid, not to think we're going to be any darkness, not to think we're going to have a huge solar blast, it's going to knock everything out. Some are doing the work and we're on our way. I look forward to channeling a lot more of these messages through to you and i'm sending you such love, i'm sending you light and blessings

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