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By Aseim, October 7, 2020

Lockdowns, check. Viruses, check. Lies, check. Propaganda, check. Censorship, check. Tyranny, multiple (blue) checks confirmed. Our current reality does seem to leave a whole LOT to be desired indeed.

And yet, where others see problems, us awakened souls are (WAY MORE THAN CAPABLE OF) seeing SOLUTIONS. Where others see a burning pyre, we see a rising phoenix ready and waiting to take off from the ashes of the old. Where others see doom and gloom, we allow joy and bliss and love and peace to fill our rooms. Why? Because we are awakened enough to understand how the Law of Attraction really even WORKS, that's why. And because we WELL KNOW as to how, what you FOCUS on, you very much so MANIFEST into this reality of yours, and ours, to even really begin with.

And IF you are truly capable of understanding how all of this really even WORKS and how each and every single one of us making even the teensiest, weensiest bit of proactive effort to infuse some positivity into our collective reality can ultimately manifest LITERAL MIRACLES and TREMENDOUS positive changes heretofore unimagined --- then you are more than welcome to join the team of people who are interested in creating / initiating SOLUTIONS as opposed to only focusing upon (and thereby helping-MAGNIFY) the (seeming) "problems" that are now (purportedly) present all around us.

So, the next time a near or dear one of yours expresses their "doomsday" and / or "apocalypse" fears and predictions in person or over the internet / social media and such, feel free to remind them of certain key FACTS in here for a change.

FACT: Humanity has seen two world wars, and is still HERE.

FACT: Humanity has seen pandemics the likes of the Black Plague which was like 100000000000000X worse than this. Guess what? Still HERE.

FACT: Humanity has seen two detonated atomic bombs, one Chernobyl, one Fukushima, COUNTLESS terror attacks all across the world, countless nuclear weapon "tests" upon our beloved lands, INNUMERABLE attempts to divide us, cause riots, spread hate, and whatnot; and to add to that one, MORE WARS than we can even as much as BEGIN-TO-COUNT in here. And guess what? We all are still, (and) very much so, HERE.

And I'm not even COUNTING all of the many numerous economic depressions; bloody revolutions; crazy dictatorships; concenteration camps; tortures and rapes of innocents, women and children; massive damages to the environment; deadly natural calamities, and SO. VERY. MUCH. MORE.

And before any of you folks busy reading this in here start losing it, let me make it really, REALLY clear in here that I'm so NOT condoning any of the above actions by humans in here. All I'm saying in here is that we've all fallen and slipped and (nearly!) lost the plot more times than we can even as much as begin COUNTING in here, and yet, we ALL (as a species), have somehow managed to pull ourselves right out of the very thick of it all, seemingly miraculously, EVERY. SINGLE. DAMNED. TIME. To date.

Some say cockroaches are by far THE MOST resilient ones to have ever walked this planet of ours. But then again, cockroaches aren't exactly the ones to have been busy inventing quantum computers or reinventing Beethoven either. Us humans, on the other hand --- our powers, abilities, capabilities, and our sheer RESILIENCE is stuff that friggin' LEGENDS are made up of.

Think that's quite the stretch to be making all of these wild claims about? Go look up this highly interesting text known as the Guinness Book of World Records. If you went and recited some of those things that US HUMANS HAVE DONE IN THERE to all of those particularly "skeptical" friends of yours WITHOUT really mentioning that that stuff is very much so PROVEN, RECORDED, and VERIFIED to the T; they, my dear friends, would be calling you CRAZY. (Go Google up the name Wim Hof if you will. Dude has like, 26 (that's right, TWENTY FLIPPING SIX!) world records to his hallowed name till date. I'll give you all a quiescent moment to ponder that one.)

Your society and your (so-called) "scientific" community and the media would have you believe that you're some insignificant, tiny little speck of trash who is far too useless and undeserving of existence ONE DAMN BIT; and yet, your kind has climbed not only a Mount Everest, but also the damn Moon (and Mars is up next)! Your Shaolin Monks have shown feats that don't even qualify as being classified amongst "human" capabilities; and yet, you don't even HAVE TO go THAT FAR to see such. All you need is one good hypnotist, and you YOURSELF will be doing plenty of those crazy feats YOURSELF, all in no damn time whatsoever. Because, the very FACT, my dear friends, is that, You are far, far, FAR MORE Powerful and Great and Incredible and Amazing and Awesome and Resilient than your very WILDEST OF IMAGININGS in here. And (most of) you haven't even really as much as BEGUN to fully or really even EXPLORE OR COMPREHEND as to what that even really MEANS to start off with in here.

So, the next time that you feel all doomy and gloomy and hopeless, that too all on a non-rainy day no less, PLEASE do me, this world, and most importantly YOUR SELF a damn big favour --- and just go read THIS POST all over again. Save it. Screengrab it. Bookmark it. Screencap it. Copy-Paste it. Screenshot it. Sticky Note it. Post-it. Do whatever it takes to use it as your very own, personal, AWESOMENESS REMINDER of sorts no less.

And last (but by no means the least!), PLEASE DO SHARE THIS MESSAGE and spread it AS FAR AND WIDE as you possibly can; from within your real-life one-to-one conversations to your e-life social media chats, and tweets and shares, and what-else-have-you. Even if just leaving it as a mere Comment on someone else's "doomsday prediction" Facebook post if you will. And don't bother ONE DAMN BIT if you get "judged by" someone / anyone for even really going ahead and doing so. Just think of that ONE LONE PERSON (or countless more!) who could potentially come across that comment of yours, and in turn, get motivated, inspired, and truly, deeply, DESIROUS of doing something amazing and positive for this world of ours, if not just for just themselves to even really begin with! For remember, the Story of the Lone Candle never does go out of fashion indeed!

Spread the word. Save the world. It really is THAT SPECTACULARLY SIMPLE, dearest awakened folks. Because, a virus that is quite literally TINIER than the very CELLS that make up your human body, is so NOT going to be your species' swansong, I can bloody well assure you of THAT. And besides, even speaking OF viruses in here, we've quite frankly and honestly survived WAYYYYYY WORSE than this one as a species well before, to be fair. So no, this one SO ain't IT, my dearest doomsday prophets of near and far; this one SO AIN'T IT.

I thank you all for reading.
A Message to all Discount Doomsday Prophets | Aseim A Message to all Discount Doomsday Prophets | Aseim Reviewed by TerraZetzz on 10/07/2020 11:07:00 PM Rating: 5

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