Nothing Can Penetrate you, Because you are Moving into those Higher Vibrations | Sananda via James McConnell

by James McConnell

I am Sananda. I come at this time in relation to the various experiences that you are having in these moments.

These moments that you continue to move higher and higher in vibration in all of the moments. But know that as you continue to move higher in vibration, and your frequency continues to increase, so too does your consciousness.

And as your consciousness increases, and the vibrations within you and around you, everything that can penetrate into you cannot any longer. Nothing can penetrate through those higher vibrations, through those higher frequencies.

So this is why all of you that are in this group, and many others who would resonate to my words at this time, are not being affected by this virus. Because this virus brings nothing but fear. And you are not affected by the fear because you are moving into those higher vibrations more and more. More and more in every moment, you are doing so.

Yes, of course, there are times when you fall back. In your discussion earlier, you have spoken about that. About being triggered in various ways. About emotions coming up in various ways. But also know that as these triggers come up, it is to help you to overcome them. It is to bring these attachments to the forefront for yourselves so that you can begin to work on them.

But it is not that you have to work on every single attachment. That would be nearly impossible. But you have to work on becoming neutral within yourself. That is the main goal. That is what this Ascension process is all about, is to find the neutrality within you in every given moment. And as you find that neutrality within you, you have raised your vibration.

And as you have raised your vibration, nothing outside of yourself can penetrate into you. Nothing can harm you. No virus, no bee sting, no anything can hurt you. No sickness can befall you because you are in those higher vibrations. And this is why those of you have not been affected by this virus that has gone around the entire planet. But only those that are in the lower vibration in those moments are affected by this.

This is what you must come to understand. You are ascending. You have not fully ascended yet. You will know when you have ascended. There is no way that you can not possibly know. And yes, at that point, when you have gone through a full ascension, you will have mastered all of what has come before. All of this illusion will become mastered at that point, and you can then consider yourself an Ascended Master.

But also know that you have been masters before. You and your higher dimensional selves have been masters before, each and every one of you, or you would not be in this group. You would not be being prepared as you are in the ways that we are doing so. So you have to know that you are in this Ascension process now. And everything that you are doing is working toward moving you through this process.

But as was said earlier, it is all a journey. There is no final destination. There is no final place to come to and where you can say you have finally arrived.

Yes, you will come to the point long, long, long into the future, as you understand time, here, where you will consider yourself as arrived, because you will become a complete part of the God Self again. This is beyond the Ascension that you are understanding now, and will continue to be a part of the great journey throughout.

You have come from God. You are a part of God. You are that spark of God. A spark of the Prime Creator himself/herself. And you will return as that spark to Prime Creator again. But in that time, you will be fully aware of who you are within that spark.

And all of the experiences that you have accumulated throughout all of the journey that you have been on will be a part of your expression at that time. But that is so far off, to not even begin to be able to think about it, or in any way be able to analyze this, or give it any kind of wording, because it is not possible at your third dimensional understanding and part of within this illusion yet, you cannot begin to understand even fully what Ascension is.

We can tell you from our experience what it is. But it is only for you to experience it itself for you to fully understand everything about it. To understand what Ascension is, you have to be it. You have to have done it. And yes, when you do ascend, the memories will return to you. They will come back to you, and you will remember possibly when you were ensouled in planets and solar systems, where you have been a Christ before to another civilization, where you have been the ones that have gone to various systems and have been those System Busters. Many of you will remember much of this.

But it will still not compare to what it will be like when you’ve realized your full ascension in that moment. And in that moment, you consider yourself, at least at this part of your journey, to have arrived.

Up until that point, you are in process. You are working toward it. You are working toward mastership. Mastership of your Lower Self, what some call the Lower Ego. You are working to master that, to master the lower chakra centers, to fully raise your Kundalini energy. To raise your Kundalini energy to the highest level of expression that you at your current understanding could even begin to understand.

You see, it is a great paradox. Someone spoke of that earlier. A great paradox, knowing that you have been masters before, and you are in the Mastership Program right now. But it is a program. It is a process. So allow yourself to continue to move through this process. And do not try to give it words. Do not try to give it understanding, because it is not understandable at this point in your understanding.

So let it go, and just become. Just be who you are. And realize as you become more and more of who you are, then you will find yourself to be at the fullness of who you are.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace and love, to continue to enjoy the journey along the way, in each and every moment.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia
Nothing Can Penetrate you, Because you are Moving into those Higher Vibrations | Sananda via James McConnell Nothing Can Penetrate you, Because you are Moving into those Higher Vibrations | Sananda via James McConnell Reviewed by TerraZetzz on 9/02/2020 10:22:00 PM Rating: 5

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