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Matthew Ward

By Steve Beckow, September 4, 2020

I’d like to draw attention to what Matthew Ward said recently:

“Intensifying light during the aforementioned period offers an ideal opportunity to set positive intentions for personal growth. Go into your heart space—as God said, ‘The heart is the seat of the soul’—and if introspection shows residue of anxiety, self-doubt, judgments or discouragement, letting go of it by breathing calmly, deeply, will give you peace in body, mind and spirit. Please do that for yourselves, dear family, so you can be free of stress and stay in balance.” (1)

Yes, the spiritual heart, on the other side of the closed heart aperture or hridayam, is in fact the seat of the soul as I discovered when I found the soul/Self at Xenia, in 2018, in the far reaches of the heart. (2)

So go into the heart space in meditation, and see if there is any “residue of anxiety, self-doubt, judgments or discouragement.” That’s an exact description of what I’d suggest as well.

If when I imagine myself travelling deeper into my heart I meet any “residue of anxiety, self-doubt, judgments or discouragement,” anything pulling me back or putting a brake on my progress, I stop and immediately begin to process that residue. (3)

Processing is the spiritual equivalent of using a jackhammer to break up concrete.

My aim is to reach a point where there is no residue. I call that “emergence.” It’s a particularly suitable path for lightworkers because, far from removing us from the game as enlightenment might, emergence from my shell allows me to participate more fully and fluidly.

And, yes, I use the breath to identify residue or resistance. If I breathe in and there’s tightness in my chest, (4) I stop and focus in.

I suppose I could let the resistance go without processing it but I haven’t met with a lot of success yet with that. Later on I’ll probably let go of vasanas with the speed of summer lightning. I’ll have to! But I’m not there yet.

So I draw attention to Matthew saying “set positive intentions for personal growth.” Personal growth. Purification. Letting go.

We’re letting go of anything destructive, corrosive, hurtful, anything that can’t go with us.

For me at least, the purification process begins and ends with bringing the behavior to my own awareness.

Why is awareness often enough? Because {—you already know this—} the truth will set us free.

Beyond all the breakthroughs one may have, this assertion – that the truth will set us free – remains the ultimate testable hypothesis, promising the ultimate result: Mergence of the emerged Self in the only One that is.

That’s why proving it again and again so that it becomes a new track in my mind, displacing “you’ve gotta be on guard” and “play your cards close to your chest,” etc., is so important.

Again this is an aspect of reparenting. I say this so that you can follow what I’m attempting.

Mom and Dad are gone. If I don’t re-parent myself, teach myself new and better ways, no one else will. So here I go.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Sept. 3, 2020. See also “The Heart is ‘the Seat of the Soul’,” December 17, 2018, at

(2) “Archangel Michael Explains What Happened at Xenia,” September 22, 2018, at and “Original Innocence,” Sept. 21, 2018, at

(3) See “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process,” April 25, 2011, at

(4) Remember that I had a full breath release in a Feb. 1987 rebirthing workshop so I know what it feels like for there to be no resistance on the inbreath.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia
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