The Meaning of Confidence | Heavenletters #898

The Meaning of Confidence | Heavenletters

AUG 7 2020

God said:

From this day forth, you will gain in confidence. Confidence is nothing more than knowing you have a rightful place in the universe. It is knowing you belong here. And confidence is conveying to others that you know they, too, belong here. Confidence is coming from that place of knowing. From that place of knowing, you give the light of your awareness to others.

All who cross your path are looking for something from you. They are looking for your recognition of them. They are looking for a ray of your being to alight on them. Let these rays of light from your heart shine forth in your eyes forevermore. Let your eyes be like butterflies that alight on flower-blossoms and extract their sweet nectar.

You too look for your eyes to meet another’s. A right-into-the-eyes look. Not penetrating, but absorbing. You too look for eyes that meet and do not look away so fast. A glance is not enough. A glance does not give credence to your being and the being of another.

Your being and everyone else’s being are the same. Being has not attributes. No one’s being is better than another. The essence of another is their being, and being is your essence as well. Being is not an individual thing. It is not property, and it does not belong more to one than another.

Yet people appear differently. Yes, some people are more highly-evolved than others on this planet you know as earth. Some sing a higher tune. You do. But that another sings bass only means they haven’t learned to sing the higher note as yet. They are just as capable of it as you. Just by your singing, you may be teaching them the higher notes. Perhaps they will reverberate even in the most unnoticeable way. But, regardless, you will have sung, for you are the singer, and you are to sing high notes.

First, be glad to see someone. And let them know you are glad. Do not be dubious. Do not wait for another to greet you first. Wherever you stand, be hospitable. Offer the universe to another. You are the harmonica of souls.

Whatever you may be doing, there is nothing more important than the person who enters your field of vision. Room or mountain, it is the same. You live in the same universe, and you are the welcomer of all who enter it.

You are more than a dispenser of kindness. It is not kind of you to look up and give someone a moment of your being. It is your honor. It is your regard of yourself that looks up and offers My being to a seeming another.

You are not designated to be a sifter of humanity. You are the uniter of it. You are also the igniter. A ray of light from your eyes sparks the heart of another, and so the heart you call your own is lit.

Hearts are meant to know one another.

This is not kindness. This is not love in neon lights. This is the passing of being from one to another and back again.

It is like a resolve that receives many signatures. Yes, you consign your heart on a dotted line and so it reaches other hearts. It reaches all other hearts. That has to be so. In the universe, there are no secrets, and there is no attrition. All is universal. Light cannot be spread in one corner. It knows no limits. And it is passed on from one to another. It is more than far-reaching. It is all-reaching.

And now you know what confidence is, and now you know you are the bearer and giver of it.

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Source: Rainbow Wave of Light
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