Official Donald J. Trump July 4th Full Moon Eclipse and How to Celebrate it | Parisse Deza

The Official Donald J. Trump July 4th Full Moon Eclipse And How To Celebrate It

By Parisse Deza
July 2, 2020

"Trump says he looks like the Lone Ranger in a mask – and likes it." - world-wide headline, 7/2/20

I am dedicating this very auspicious July 4th full moon eclipse to "The Freedom Ranger," Donald J. Trump, in recognition of his fulfilling the mission and purpose of the united States as initiated by the signing of the Declaration of Independence, interrupted by the corporate cabal, acted upon vigorously by John F. Kennedy who died for his efforts which have been resurrected by the Freedom Ranger, and which are being brought to fruition now by us all.

The year the planet Uranus, the focalizing body of Aquarius and its innovative thinking, revolutionary spirit of freedom and radical change, was discovered, 1781, America's "Articles of Confederation," was written delineating the lawful structure of this country protecting freedom of choice.

There has to be something to that synchronicity, that the preliminary energies of the Aquarian age, embodied by Uranus, were what initiated the possibility of a group of colonies united as one entity for the purpose of freedom and happiness. For a complete examination of this evidence please read my article, The Aquarian Age And A New “Great Year” Have Begun -

Full moon at Cathedral Rock, Sedona

On July 4th at the full moon, we will have an unusual third eclipse (penumbral lunar) in a row. Eclipses (like solstices and equinoxes) are our most powerful spiritual energy portals, as they align us in such a way that the unconditioned, neutral force of the Universe, primordial energy, permeates Earth's energy field creating a huge cleansing and renewing effect. This one is auspiciously placed on the Fourth of July.

The Trump full moon reaches its max at 9:44 pm, Sedona time. (I understand he will be celebrating it at Mount Rushmore for a special event.) Eclipses span about two hours on each side of the central moment. Go here to see the exact time where you are:

It is really helpful to understand the inner alchemical workings of these celestial events, so for a complete run-down of what this means see my article, Using this Eclipse Cycle and Solstice to Quicken Human Consciousness -

How To Celebrate

The incredible momentum of the three eclipses at this time of times, with all the other astrological and human activities going on, calls for one simple act on our part:

Breathe into It and Go with the Flow.

Allow everything to be as it is and open wide in surrender, imagining how glorious it will be to live in a modern Aquarian version of original American Common Law, as if it were a reality now. Celebrate the Triumph (the shortened form of which is Trump) now to bring it into reality. Imagine how open and relaxed our breathing would be, knowing the oppressive characteristics and financial pressures of the old paradigm are now gone, replaced by the freedom to move unrestricted with only one stipulation: Do no harm. Imagine everyone respecting each other's sovereignty, wanting only happiness, and trusting life to create for us. Imagine a clean, healthy, humming Planet Earth.

In China, there are chigung healers who do miraculous things. We have ultrasound video footage of them around a table over a woman with a tumor in her abdomen, healing it in three minutes. What are they thinking when they are doing this?

"Already accomplished!"

See Greg Braden's short video on it here:

This is all very simple; it will just take a little more time. Things will unfold as benevolently as possible, and pretty soon, before we know it, we will be there. Life is giving us this gift. We just have to keep Walking...

Parisse Deza has 47 years experience in self-cultivation arts, and calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona since December, 2015.
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