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July 21, 2020

A Reality Different from the Rest of Creation as been Created for Earth

Me: You're living in an artificial reality! You're living in a bubble in the middle of space, which has a completely different reality than everywhere else does. You are living in and continuing to create artificial timelines. These artificial timelines are based on reversal of universal law. We live contrarily to universal law and in so doing, create these timelines. These timelines are of artificial intelligence, not of creation. We are caught in a trap.

The Masters this week have really been driving this point home in their messages. It's up to each one of us to "get real" and align with the Truth, and that Truth puts you on the genuine timelines the rest of the galaxy exists on. That's what waking up is about. That's what ascension is about. Leaving the false Matrix behind and stepping back into creation, which is where you were before you came to be born on earth. When you were born here, you'd agreed to living in and continuing to create the false Matrix until such time your guides were able to wake you up from it and to help you change this false reality for one that aligns with God (and of course, why the dark ones are so pissed with us and keep attacking us - to keep us down in frequency so we can't change this reality). That's what these videos are about and always have been about - leaving the Matrix behind.

You can jump off the artificial timelines to the genuine timelines by embracing these messages and living by these truths!

El Morya: From "Your Spiritual Nature"

The true nature of reality is impersonal and unlimited.

Me: Of course, we're struggling with limitations and poor ways of interpersonally relating because we don't see life as a mirror of ourselves, which is the impersonality of it.

The problem with life on earth is often inter-personal relationships and our false sense of self, which is extremely limited. We are creator beings - gods!!!! And here were are schlepping boxes in warehouses and flipping burgers! Gods! And living on the streets! Does that sound like something a god should be doing?

We live on a personal level and as limited beings. Completely opposite to what El Morya says reality is and the Truth of our existence. We will live for eternity. Does that sound like a limited existence to you? No, but we're taught here that death is final because it's death of the body. There is nothing beyond it. You have one lifetime. Which is absolute nonsense. The truth is you will live forever in one form or another, incarnating indefinitely (or not if you choose), but you will.

Why do you think your cats and dogs can see things you can't? Because they're still aligned with creation. You're not.

St Germain: From "The St Germain Prosperity Funds"

With that, then we need to explain the St Germain funds to you. Yes, so many are waiting for their money. However, when you wait for something, you are leaving it in the future. Manifestation of anything decrees that it must be asked for in the present moment, not in the future. God does not recognize the future, the only moment is now. God does not work on linear time, He works on quantum time, and so must you if you wish to manifest anything, including the St Germain funding. Your artificial time system was created in order to control you and your languages have changed to facilitate this control. So you must overcome these shortcomings.

With your artificial time system you have learned there is no way to access the past and the future, which of course is nonsense. Because these are now moments, the way to do so simply is to recognize that time as being the present and you will be there.

St Germain: Goodness for all instead of just yourself.

Me: That's how reality works. When you wish for only yourself, you don't get very far. Try to do work that's of higher consciousness that benefits others because we are all One. That's why this rule is in place: to ask for yourself you must ask for others and to ask for others you must ask for yourself as well.

El Morya: From "Don't Confuse Your I AM"

El M: So many of you do not understand the significance of when you say "I AM". What you typically do in your western societies is respond to questions with, "I am a truck driver," or "I am a physician," explaining to the person who wishes to know what you do for a living.

In fact, often you are asked, "What do you do for a living?" or, "What type of work do you do?" and you even respond with the incorrect verb, "I am a doctor." Doing and being are different verbs and typically when you respond to someone's question, you use the same verb or one of similar meaning. There is no similarity between doing and being; they mean entirely different things.

The correct response would be, "I do medical work for a living," however your people have titles and labels and when you tell someone what your title is, you conveniently tell them a lot about who you believe yourself to be. This is false.

El Morya: Everyone is perfect. Everyone is part of God. Everyone is a beautiful soul having a sometimes less than beautiful earthly experience. All are learning so they can unite with God again.

Eyevo of Vega: Life is Love in Action. Live as your soul does. Align with soul.

What is the true nature of reality, Eyevo?

Eyevo: My love, the true nature of reality is love. Simply put. To be loving to all around you and understanding that you are they and they are you.

Me: Clearly this isn't practised here on earth.

Eyevo: No, and it takes a lot for some people to recognize this fact and to practise it. You have been taught otherwise and these teachings hold fast until they can be released through practise and elimination of the underlying web of belief systems that hold you to those behaviours.

Yesterday, you vented your frustration at the woman who told you you could not go into the grocery store without a mask.

Me: I did.

Eyevo: Your frustration comes from seeing life unlovingly. From seeing life as a separate being from the rest.

Me: You can see why I would want to be separate, Eyevo. When I see people who are clearly unthinking people who just follow the rules, why would I want to be like them?

Eyevo: It is not that you are as they are in personality, my love, it is that you are as they are in soul. That is the difference.

Me: Okay, that I could get. I don't want to be like the people around me because they are compliant and I seem to be one of the few in my city who won't wear a mask. Now I have to get my shopping done through a service, and buy off Amazon all of my bread and dry goods. It's only going to get worse when they keep complying. You cannot give a controller the control they want because as soon as you do, they will demand more control of you. Control freaks are never satisfied with step one. They will go to the moon to ensure they have every bit of control possible over you. They never stop because that's their nature - being controlling. And yes, I have much personal experience with that as well.

Eyevo: You do. You were shown. And that you refuse to comply is wise. You stood up for your convictions.

Me: I also remained on a natural timeline, not on the artificial timelines.

Eyevo: Correct. My dear, your world is very opposite the rest of reality in the galaxy, but you must still learn to see it as such. You must read between the lines because when you look at what is being mirrored back at you, many times you see people who are unaware and not awake.

Me: Try having that mirrored back at you all your life. Knowing you know better than the people who are parenting you.

Eyevo: I know, my love. It is no wonder you are frustrated but try to see what is going on at soul level between these people. Soul is working hard to wake up the personality. Sometimes your showing up and ranting at clerks is enough to get people to think perhaps you are correct.

Me: I am right.

Eyevo: You are. Remember the effect of your energy upon others as you are in their vicinity.

Me: True. I'm staying home today. I'm not interested in venturing out into the insanity today, especially since I know what the globalists have in store for these people and their children. I pity the unborn right now because they're the ones who will have to live with the consequences of their grandparents' bad choices. I hope this world wakes up.

Eyevo: It will. There will be smaller pockets that will hold on to cabalist ideas for a while but most of the world will change within the next ten years.

Me: That's good to hear. I have grand nieces and nephews who have to live in this insanity.

Okay, thank you Eyevo. I just thought I'd recap the messages I've been getting from the masters (including you, Eyevo, you're a master too) and passing on this review because perhaps people will benefit from seeing it recapped in one video. We have to deal with life differently if we want to align with the universe and universal law.


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