Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ascension Energies and DUMBs Raid | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

June 25, 2020

Me: Folks, this is the June Solstice - June 21st is the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere, winter in the southern hemisphere. Whenever these solstices come around, we get an influx of higher energies coming in via the sun.

The other night I recognized that solstice energies were coming in when I spent the entire 10 hours I was sleeping having nightmares. The whole time. I woke up in a foul mood. Whenever these energies show up, it's like I'm rolling back in my spiritual progress but why would the masters be talking to me if I were? I believe it's because I'm an indigo and I'm taking in negative energies during my sleep, somehow. And the heavy negativity I'm subjected to as a result of this shows up in the form of nightmares.

Last night I slept on my love seat near the A/C and then switched to my bed, and slept a few more hours. I got up trying to keep from bawling my eyes out.

I'm saying this because I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes through HELL every time these solstice energies come in. I've tried to find ways to cope with ascension symptoms anyway and they have gotten better, however after 20 years of going through ascension I'm left in very poor physical shape and now have to start taking small walks just to try to get my cardio back in shape. That's why I say, if you're going through ascension, please make sure you still get some physical exercise. I always would think, "Oh, it'll end tomorrow and then I'll start exercising." No, it won't. I went through 20 years, like I just said. If I want any quality of life until I pass on, I need to take my health seriously.

Two days ago, I had a talk with the galactics and last night's sleep was better. This is not the first time that I've told them to help me out and get on it because I'm not happy with them. What do they expect of us, seriously?

I know I'm on a low timeline because of all the negativity I'm transmuting. It pisses me off it's not even my own, but well, that's what I signed up to do. I called in St Germain to help me, and I did violet flame decrees. I slept most of the day today. Why I sleep better in the day time than I do at night, I have no idea. Is this because of the energies? Is it because from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. are the peak hours mind control is beamed at us? Is it because of the sun in the daytime helps me feel better? These things I have to look at because the more I know the more I can pass on to you.

I find taking baths or showers or being in water helps get rid of accumulated negative energy. Also doing chakra balancing exercises. Meditation helps. I believe moving to a place not as toxic as the one I'm in and frankly, not as populated will also help but right now that doesn't seem to be an option.

The other thing I practise is just stopping myself. I just took out my other computer to play a CD and all the cords got tangled. I was ready to flip out when I said, "Nope, don't do it. It'll only snowball and make you feel worse. Just stay calm. You know you're on a low timeline. Take a deep breath and untangle the cords. Don't get emotional about it."

I know that the lightworkers who are high in vibration drop down in frequency so that the negativity coming from earthlings (yeah, just think, they're still rioting over the control measures the Deep State has taken to counter Trump's assault on them) and so the indigos get to join these lower timelines and soak up all the lovely energy to transmute.

I made the point clear that it was too much for me. And the Galactics need to help me. This is another thing you can do to get help. They hear you and will try to provide whatever relief they can.

Me: So, Ivo, why do I sleep worse at night than I do in the daytime? Is this a personal thing or does it affect all lightworkers?

Ivo: My love, you were out on raids two nights ago. The extra energy you put into helping to arrest dark ones on earth because you were in the DUMBs, ended up coming through to your emotional mind as nightmares. When you assert extra energy in difficult tasks at night time, it will come through as nightmares and you will not sleep well. Especially you.

Yes, we make added effort during the solstices and other portals of incoming energies to arrest the dark ones so everybody helps out. You must understand that this is our only chance to relieve this planet of all the archons, reptilians and draconians and so everyone must make sacrifices.

Me: Okay, so portals are extra battles. When is the next portal? Seven/seven. July 7th. In 3 weeks.

Ivo: In effect, you did take on much negative energy - the energies of the dark ones as you battled them. Of course they were directing this energy towards you.

Me: Got it. So presumably yesterday I didn't go.

Ivo: No, not after the complaining you carried out after you woke up. It is not our wish to see you miserable and wanting to die for doing this work.

Me: I just want peace and going on these raids on top of dealing with the negative energy that's surrounding me is too much to take. I never smile anymore. It would take too much energy.

Ivo, you just have to realize how difficult it is to just come back from a night of poor sleep for me. I have health problems that are undiagnosed and I can't get any help with as it is. I do my best with what I have available to me.

Where were we doing the raid?

Ivo: (smiling) We were in the Brazilian jungles that night.

Me: And I go to bed late so that would be night fall in Brazil. What happened?

Ivo: There were many ships as well as an armada of saucers and fighters from these motherships. We have a large fleet. It was well organized. Again, the light warriors are necessary because they hold both vibrations of the reptilians and 3D earth, as well as the higher frequencies of the Light, so you are our access persons.

During these battles they are aware when they see our ships that a raid is about to take place. They attempt to fire weapons on our ships but we are too well shielded. Their weapons are inferior to ours.

There is a maze of underground facilities under the growth of the jungle and we have been looking at taking it for a while now. Two nights ago, we got in.

Me: Who was the commander?

Ivo: Commander Plaren-Teah.

Me: Oh? Yes! I see she's been working in South America because we worked with her on a double base but I think it was more to the north on the coast.

Ivo: That is her area of command, my love.

Me: So I've already worked with her with Team 51. Maybe I should channel her and get an overview of her work. Seems she has a large area.

Ivo: There are commanders who work along with her but she is the most knowledgeable of that area. She is also a munitions expert.

Me: There was also Commander Breneeda, also a Pleiadian woman, at Lake Titicaca. Are there any other forces working with us?

Ivo: The Delta forces are. We also have some back up from the Venusians who are in that area always.

Me: How many people were rescued?

Ivo: They carried out some horrendous experimentation on humans at the main base under the jungle. Absolutely horrendous! We have much healing to do for these beings. Of course many will not survive because their bodies are beyond repairing and their minds have given up long ago. When the mind gives up, the body will follow.

Me: Were the earth military forces involved?

Ivo: There were some Brazilian forces accompanying us, yes.

Me: I'll bet they got an eye full.

Ivo: Some were so scared they froze. When they do that, we must get them out lest they be attacked, possibly eaten.

Me: Oh yeah. I hear giant spiders love frozen foods.

Ivo: Their adrenalin is in high production, so they would be particularly desirable for any negative ET.

Me: Gross. Were there other light warriors there?

Ivo: Of course. There always are.

Me: Did we take the base?
Ivo: We got the main base, or I should say we got on it. Battling is still continuing. It is a question of increasing groundage.

Me: You mean winning foot by foot.

Ivo: I do.

As for the light warriors, there may be repercussions after these raids are carried out. They may come looking for payback as you call it, and there may be attacks but these tend to be random. With the higher energies, dark forces are less mobile and less inclined to battle. They are weakened and that is our advantage.

Me: Okay, thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: So, would you be interested in the next raid?

Me: I'll probably have to, won't I? As long as I understand what's going on, but I don't think I'll try to sleep 10 hours through constant nightmares. You might get me for less time. I'll also get the rest of my work caught up before the 6th so that I can have a few days of feeling lous

Ivo: Very well, then.

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