An Urgent Message for all of Humanity | Aseim

If you're even as much as reading this message, it is because you have been deemed as capable of handling and executing the instructions contained therein. Therefore, without further ado, is this urgent call for providing assistance to all of humanity. An assistance, that absolutely ANYONE AND EVERYONE can real easily respond to and provide -- that too -- from within the very confines and comforts of their own homes no less! So, here goes nothing:

There are those upon your world who are currently looking to ignite wars, fan tensions and flame agitations amongst the masses THE WHOLE WORLD OVER. Do not be fooled for even as much as a single second that these people have kind or just intentions at their heart for you, for they indeed do NOT. Still skeptical? Just look into your history and you'll find ample evidences of these (divisive) "games" being played here ENDLESSLY by all of these psychopathic individuals who benefit TREMENDOUSLY from war, slaughter, destruction, chaos, and the damaging of human property, human spirits, human psyche, and human flesh no less. So prevalent have these "games" of theirs been that even the mainstream outlet Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to this particular cause, and no, I'm so not kidding here:

That being said, these dark-minded and near-sighted individuals are absolutely CLUELESS regarding the true power of LOVE. OR the sheer power of prayer, blessing and meditation, to name a few. A power, that is seamlessly capable of moving entire universes, let alone having to stop a bunch of petty little warmongers from wreaking havoc all over. But this power simply does not interfere in our lives unless you EXPLICITLY PERMIT IT to do so, so it is about time that you GAVE IT the necessary permissions to help us all out in here. Because even as you read this, there are (rather desperate) attempts being made out there to start a war at the India-China border, flare up tensions in USA and Palestine, and do a bunch of other warmongery stuff in many more places other than that. Needless to say here, that YOU (yes, YOU, the one reading this message) can easily, VERY, VERY EASILY put an end to these nefarious plans of theirs, and that too singlehandedly at that. How? Here's how.

Simply visualize or imagine a brilliant light filled with the energies and INTENTIONS of love and peace enveloping the entire Earth. Can't visualize or imagine stuff? No problem! Just set a very strong mental INTENTION that energies of love, peace, wisdom, healing and protection engulf and secure the entire planet at large.

And then, whether you are visualizing / imagining or intending stuff, go FEEL as if all of this is ALREADY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. FEEL the whole world dropping weapons and taking the 'higher route' to resolving issues. FEEL the whole world coming together and FINDING SOLUTIONS as opposed to doing absolutely anything else. Above all, FEEL the whole world CHOOSING LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY, HEALING, ABUNDANCE / PROSPERITY and UNITY over anything and everything else there is. FEEL IT. FEEL IT. FEEL IT ALL OUT.

Then, let go of that visualization / imagination or intention and relax. For your job here is now DONE. You'll see the RESULTS of what you just did for yourself pretty shortly, I GUARANTEE YOU THAT.

Last, but by no means the least, if you can, send out a prayer / blessing (or more) that EVERYONE ON EARTH find PEACE, LOVE, BALANCE, WISDOM, ABUNDANCE / PROSPERITY, HEALING, UNITY and TRUE HARMONY. And that ALL ASSISTANCE from within ALL PARTS AND ASPECTS OF CREATION be provided to planet Earth for magnifying the above positive intentions; AND for bringing endless Love, Peace, Harmony, Wisdom, Healing, Clarity and Abundance / Prosperity to the ENTIRE PLANET, ONCE AND FOR ALL. This will make things even better for the entire world at large, and you can take my word for that if you'd so like. DO gauge these words of mine through your intuition / gut feeling for yourselves in any case, and you will IMMEDIATELY AND INSTANTANEOUSLY realize and know as to whether I'm telling you the TRUTH here or not.

Even JUST ONE LONE PERSON DOING THIS will begin to screw up the dark ones' dark and dirty plans in unimaginable ways here -- though THE MORE NUMBERS of people that do this, the FASTER and BETTER will you witness and experience the EFFECTS of what all you just intended to see occurring in here. The phrase "the more the merrier" exists for a reason you know.

DO SHARE this message with AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN, through AS MANY SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS that you possibly have access to. The greater the numbers of people reading this and doing this, the faster and better will be the victory of Love, Light, Peace, Wisdom, Harmony, Unity, Abundance / Prosperity and TRUTH. And so it is. And so it is.

I thank all of you SO MUCH for assisting humanity in here today. The sheer numbers of blessings that you will receive out of these efforts of yours will be beyond what you can even as much as hope to count during you entire lifetime. So thank you. Thank you. And thank YOU.
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