Why Protesting is Not Enough: On the Nationwide Protests against the Freedom Lockdown | Parisse Deza

By Parisse Deza, April 28, 2020

No single person, including the President of the United States, should ever be given the power to make a medical decision for potentially millions of Americans. Freedom over one's physical person is the most basic freedom of all, and people in a free society should be sovereign over their own bodies. When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence accept that the state owns our bodies. -- Dr. Ron Paul

It's been a lockdown on freedom, with globalists using fear of death as the panic button to get us to relinquish our right to move freely in our world. And if we're not sufficiently scared by that, we are threatened with harm. Does the state own us, or do we?

Here are two websites organizing protests for May 1 at all state capitols at once:

https://americanrevolution2.org/ https://www.openthestates.com/

In part, I am utterly delighted that Americans everywhere have finally had it with the pathetic, anti-scientific, destructive actions taken by state and city officials to try to close down life because they were told to by criminals. The acts of these officials, and the public who followed them like sheep, will go on record as the stupidest, most detrimental reaction ever on the planet. The CDC, the pseudo-doctor with a proven criminal track record of forty years Fauci, the WHO, Bill Gates, et al, are now being exposed as what they are - globalist, psychopath, eugenics specialists - as real doctors, scientists, researchers, and journalists from all over the world are shouting out the factual numbers about the bug, and the real medical science about the immune system being compromised by social distancing, and the fact that artificial e-m radiation, especially 5G, interferes with the human body's ability to use oxygen properly and that this is directly connected to "covid-19".

Watch these two MDs, for instance, who own 9 clinics in CA, succinctly explain the numbers and the immune system, and why this lockdown is really happening:


In the last few minutes, Dr. Erickson explains:

"Who says what's safe? Are you smart enough to know what's safe for you, or is the government gonna tell you what's safe for you? As soon as they use the word 'safe', that means control. 'We know what's safe for you. You're too dumb to understand disease. We know what's safe.'

"They're going to use this model for different things. 'We got a bomb threat from China! Everybody stay in their home for three months.' What!?

"They're using this to see how much of their freedom can they take from you? And will you roll over and stay in your house. And it's working."

He's right. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I drive through the Safeway parking lot and see eight or ten fully grown adults standing in line waiting for permission to enter a grocery store. This should be enough to shock anyone into a wakeful state about our society.

However, protesting to our jailers to get their permission to leave the prison is not going to free us. The People have to understand that they are innately, inherently sovereignly free by The Creator's Will and America's constitutional guarantee, and that NOTHING can supersede that, and that they have to start acting that way. They have to buck their conditioning to do this. The American consciousness as a whole must grow up.

The proper, and only truly effective response to totalitarian yes-men politicians is to ignore them and do what we want to do. The People have been afraid of retaliation for that, with good reason. But there is no other way.

When enough of us (probably as little as twenty percent) start exercising our sovereign rights, no enforcement agency will be able to stop it, and America will start to be what it was designed to be, and the People will begin to know freedom and happiness. Many in law enforcement now are refusing to arrest persons for being free. But by fighting with them for our freedom, instead of simply being free, we create a war we will always lose. The French "yellow vests" are still at it, and after over two years of street fighting for freedom, they have nothing to show for it.

It's about freedom, not security. We have been taught to believe that the purpose of government is to provide security, but that thinking is at the core of our difficulty. We are the parent, not the gov. We provide our own security; they, a body of persons we've hired, are here only as a convenience.

The true purpose of government is to protect liberty, to guarantee our right to do whatever we want to do as long as we do not directly cause harm. ("If there is no harm, there is no crime", says American Common Law.) This is the actual foundation of The United States of America: Self-Responsibility. Without that, we are slaves.

Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives. Liberty has meaning only if we still believe in it when terrible things happen and a false government security blanket beckons. -- Dr. Ron Paul

There is only one way to have that freedom:

We must understand it as a fundamental truth,

We must believe in the Divine that made us that way and trust It,

We must act it out.

No protesting. No fighting against the evil government. Just living freely, by our own leave.

It is good to remember that this country was created through "acts of civil disobedience". Civil disobedience here means exerting one's free will, despite what others tell us to do. It is called "disobedience" by those who would oppress the human spirit. But by those of us who are happy being free, taking responsibility for our lives and not expecting government to parent us, it is called democracy - the state in which everyone's right to think, be, and do is respected by all. The challenge for the American public is to mature to this point so it can be a reality.

We do not actually need government at all, because we do not need to be governed, which means ruled. We rule ourselves. That is natural. We work out our issues and make our plans with each other as responsible human family members. When nay-sayers try to dissuade us from being free by telling us it will never work, we must leave them in our dust, because if we listen, we are doomed.

A thriving, free, happy community of sovereigns is what the founders had in mind for themselves and the future. They were the precursers of the new age. They set up the foundation in 1776, a brilliant idea Americans needed to grow into.

Welcome to the new age of Aquarius, an idea whose time has come. A time when the kids grow up, claim their sovereignty and parent themselves. Time now for Us to leave the nest...

Source: Operation Disclosure
Why Protesting is Not Enough: On the Nationwide Protests against the Freedom Lockdown | Parisse Deza Why Protesting is Not Enough: On the Nationwide Protests against the Freedom Lockdown | Parisse Deza Reviewed by TerraZetzz on 4/28/2020 02:59:00 AM Rating: 5

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