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By Kat, April 15, 2020

Below is another transcription of a video from Elizabeth April. It’s a 25-minute video, thank goodness.

The most recent David Wilcock video I’d intended to transcribe, was nearly 5-hours and honestly, I just wasn’t up to the task! And, anyway, he repeated pretty much what he’d already said. He simply proved that he prophesied what is happening now in 1996. Brilliant, as always.

In this video, The Galactic Federation, via Elizabeth, answers questions from viewers. She reviewed more than 200 questions, and the Federation chose the ones they wanted to answer.

Elizabeth clarifies “which” Galactic Federation she connects with, as there are many. She works with what she calls the Pleiadian Security Council, because they deal with security measures on Gaia.

2:10 Elizabeth clarifies that she is a channeler, but she doesn’t directly channel beings. She doesn’t allow beings into her body. She brought 8 beautiful Pleiadian beings into her 3rd dimensional room in Joshua Tree, and went through all the questions.

She’d ask the questions telepathically, and they’d give her the answer telepathically. Sometimes verbatim, word for word, for her to write. Other times, they gave her images that she had to interpret, and when she was done interpreting, she asked for their approval of her interpretation of the image.

She asks that we don’t get caught up in the words. To just feel the messages that they want to share with all. The information contained within these answers is a light-code activation. Their intention, for all, is that this information is going to “unlock” us in some capacity.

As with EVERYTHING I read, listen to, or watch, I take what I can use and leave the rest. With the offerings I transcribe, I do not feel any one being is the end all, be all. We are infinite beings and there are infinite pathways and answers.

So – to each his own on this fascinating Ascension journey.

Peace, Light and Enjoy,

xo, Kat

Elizabeth April Galactic Message to Humanity Pt. 2 (April 2020)

Transcribed by Kat

3:40 Elizabeth’s question: Is there anything that you’d like to say before we begin the Q&A that you think is important for everyone to hear:

GF, Pleiadian Security Council: Hello Again Humans. We find it very thrilling to be here at this time. We are so pleased to connect with all of you we respect each one of your questions, however we chose the questions that are most in alignment to your collective vibration at this time. Although we cannot provide you all of the answers, we will be giving you as much as we can to assist you along this winding road to Ascension.

5:00 After they give Elizabeth that answer, the GFC asked Elizabeth to look up the word “Ascension” and they asked her to include the definition in this broadcast… this is the definition of the word online:

1. The bodily rising of Jesus into Heaven on the 40th day of his resurrection.

2. The feast celebrating this even on Ascension day.

You guys… didn’t we just pass Easter?… how cool is it that they asked me to look up Ascension, that happened yesterday (Easter)… Easter used to be called Ascension day.

6:18 GF, PSC: We know that you have been waiting a long time. Some of you have been questioning if this could indeed be what you have been waiting for? Yes. It is. Now is the time. You are being called to remember.

You volunteered to be on this planet for this now moment. You have all been working so hard and we want to shower you with praise at this time. For it’s time to celebrate.

7: 15 Some of you were also asking about Timelines in your questions. We cannot provide those Timelines to you. For it’s not up to us to choose your future. That being said, we can confirm that everything is going as planned for the greater good.

Elizabeth’s question: Do I need to be stating the name of the individual asking the question?

GF, PSC: It would limit the vibrational frequency of the answer, so no you should not, in order to be more inclusive. Please label the inquisitor as “Humanity.” [So all questions will be from Humanity.]

8:30 Humanity question: Will we/are we completely ridding the planet of darkness at this time? Also is there anything else you can mention regarding the collapse of the Matrix system?

GF, PSC: This is a good question because there is an element that most do not understand or incorporate. Planet Earth along with this Universe works on a Binary system. In order to have perfect balance and harmony anywhere there must be balance between Light and Dark.

9:18 This is why we Pleiadians can appreciate the mission of the dark forces… although it does become, as you say, annoying at time… There’s a false agenda on this planet of “just Light” within the New Age communities. This is misleading and will actually perpetuate the frequency of dark on the planet, in order to maintain balance.

9:50 When each of you accept the shadow within yourself and live harmoniously within both sides, the planet can rid itself of extreme darkness, while maintaining an equilibrium…

10:15 Elizabeth asks: Anything else you’d like to say about the old Matrix control system on the planet.

GF, PSC: The system will not be able to live in this new frequency. The rest will happen within the next 4-years. This is all we want to share regarding this.

10:50 Humanity question: How can we help our children and our loved ones through this process?

GF, PSC: We deeply appreciate your concern for other humans, especially for the small ones. Your children are more equipped than you currently are. They will lead you into the new era. Please go within, work on yourself, your children know exactly what they volunteered for. And they chose you in particular, for a reason. Keep doing what you’re doing.

11:40 Humanity question: How can we help the collective consciousness at this time?

GF, PSC: You each have a mission. When the time is right you will be told your mission. Remember, many of you have already been working on this mission when you aren’t aware. Trust yourself more. You have simply just forgotten what you have signed up for. Your soul is on it. Your human is just behind.

12:22 Humanity question: What should we be doing about the Animals on planet Earth at this time?

GF, PSC: Like your children, and all the plants, and Animals, and all living things on your planet, come through with a clear Blueprint to their existence. Appreciate and respect every living thing as if it were an extension and expression of yourself. Also appreciate and respect the jobs that these souls have signed up for.

13:08 Humanity question: What will happen to the low vibrational people who refuse to ascend into a new vibration.

GF, PSC: What happens when you pour oil into water? We will leave you with that. [Kat note: It separates.]

13:41 Humanity question: If we are restarting the Earth in the next 4-years, then how should we all prepare for the coming changes as well as the new vibration?

GF, PSC: Become a master of the lower realms. When you ascend, life becomes easy.

14:05 Elizabeth asks: Am I allowed to decrypt that?… And they said yes.

This is Elizabeth’s interpretation of that answer: Master everything in the physical: Take care of your body, take care of the planet, take care of your emotions, take care of your mind, also get prepared with things like seeds, silver, back-up food and back-up water, the fight isn’t over yet, we have 4-years of collapse before we start to rebuild.

15:00 Humanity question: Can you give us more insight into the global Cosmic Disclosure? Is there any criteria that we need to meet in order to get there? [Alien disclosure… when?]

GF, PSC: We are taking cautious steps towards a mass disclosure. We are working with your people and White Hat government officials to also aid in the mass disclosure.

For now, Humanity as a whole, isn’t currently ready. We have shown up with our ships in various locations around the planet to help those areas question and awaken at this time. Please keep your eyes on the skies.

And one more thing, you will be able to call our ships in through your intention.

16:07 Humanity question: Is there any other information you can give us regarding the 3-days and 3-nights of darkness, or the Solar flare? You mentioned something last time about learning our lessons as a collective. Can you please elaborate? Guidance and assistance is appreciated.

GF, PSC: You are currently working to prepare yourselves energetically and physically for this period in time of darkness. We recognize that you may believe the darkness is a part of facing yourself. And although that is the case, this is not the particular period in time that we are referencing.

We are discussing among Councils about the Timelines, and which would be best for you. This will be occurring in the next 4-years, with the biggest probability happening within 2021. This will be a big part of the reset and really does need to happen.

The lesson that we are referring to is regarding loving one another and coming together as a collective. Currently, with the polar vibration on the planet, it wouldn’t be an ideal time for this event to occur… [3-days, 3-nights of darkness]…we believe it would incite more fear than ascension. We are still debating.

17:50 Humanity question: What is the current state of the reptilians on the planet and what does the future interactions look like? Anything else you can tell us about the fall of new world order?

18:05 GF, PSC: We can confirm that they are currently being given a choice.

We will also confirm that the head pains you are feeling as a collective, is in response to the dismemberment of control systems, which has been systematically planted inside your brains. This system is commonly referred to as “the reptilian brain.”

Your brains are changing. Eventually only the hyper-sensitive will notice the Timeline hop made between the different brain systems.

These system upgrades will continue into 2024. Please be patient with this. Work on transmuting the pain through taking on the perspective of why it’s all happening… [Elizabeth: for the greater good… and the greater good of yourself.]

20:00 Humanity question: Is the rest of the galaxy or Universe being affected by this ascension on planet Earth? If so, can you elaborate?

GF, PSC: Yes. Everyone is being affected at this time. As we have told Elizabeth, you humans on planet Earth, are in a sense, ‘the chosen ones.’ You are meant to bring peace to all beings across the Universe. We have been watching and assisting for a very long time.

As you ascend we all become liberated. You are our children and we are so grateful to have you here at this time.

21:00 Humanity question: [Elizabeth: I can tell all of you, you may not like the answer to this one.] 5G—Can you please comment on the radiation that we are all being affected by? Why is it on this planet? And what do we need to know about how to heal ourselves and live our best life?

GF, PSC: We need to assure you of something regarding technology advancement and radiation output. Our crafts have large amounts of radiation emitting from them. Now, while other species have evolved beyond the effects of this, there are some species who have not. Such as yourself.

We use Quantum technology and Zero Point to work with shielding the equipment from living organisms. You may not accept this answer, however your civilization will be advancing in these systems and will need solutions rather than determent. We will be providing the right people with the right solutions for these issues.

Similar to the fear surrounding the pandemic, 5G needed to happen on your planet at this time. It’s helping the world to wake up. Due to the unpredictable nature of the future, we cannot comment much more on this. The last thing we will say, is that it’s time for all of you to band together collectively, consciously, in order to make this world a better place. We will simply assist you in your intentions.

23:10 Humanity question: How do we connect better with our Higher Selves, our Guides, our Cosmic Beings, and the Galactic Federation?

GF, PSC: We are going to answer this with a popular, and we find amusing reference, on your world. Imagine that the Universe is a giant Netflix. Full of infinite possibilities. You, my beloved Human, are the remote. You are more powerful than you could ever imagine. There is no such thing as “How” there only “Is.”

24:05 Elizabeth said, any last comments or statements that you want to make to Humanity in closing?

GF, PSC: We are with you at this time, dear Humans, as we have always been. Your voices have been heard. Remember that you are the only one creating your current reality.

Remember that you hold the key to changing the planet.

Remember that right now everything that you thought you knew, is changing, and making way for a new paradigm.

We don’t want to give you the answers. We want to lead you to them. We love you. Everything is happening according to the prophecy. And you are all indeed on the journey of ascension.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia
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