Are we at Peace? | Steve Beckow

Are We at Peace?

March 20, 2020
by Steve Beckow

Has anyone heard of a bomb being dropped in the last few days? Any rockets fired from somewhere to somewhere else?

I just realized that I haven’t heard a word about an outbreak of violence anywhere.

Could the world be at peace?

Am I too naive to think that we might be able to say, “OK, that’s the end of it. We are at peace”?

If we really are, then, for heaven’s sake, let’s stay here. After the quarantine is over, let’s not be doing bioweapons research again. Or any weapons research.

All the money spent on munitions, which are not needed, could easily support a universal basic income for citizens, plus universal medicare, plus universal accessibility to education.

Hello, everyone around the world. It can be as peaceful as this 24/365. All it takes is the same level of resolve that we’re seeing the world exhibit right now in the face of a common, perceived threat – Covid-19.


I just watched David Wilcock’s special presentation today.

He made a strong case for Operation Defender-Europe 20 being a cover for a round-up of cabal members in Europe. And for the Coronavirus outbreak assisting them in their work by locking people down as the arrests go on.

I suspect that some information we get serves this scenario. … OK, OK, is disinformation.

David said that Q had mentioned “Looking Glass” in a recent message, which suggests that the Alliance have Looking-Glass technology. (1)

He wonders if they couldn’t have used it to foresee the pandemic and then have planned the cabal roundup to take advantage of it.

He notes that none of the troops were issued protective clothing or face masks. Hmmmm…. What do they know that we don’t know?

He pointed to a 2009 Telegraph newspaper article that reported on a group of billionaires who got together and discussed how to deal with overpopulation.

Oprah Winfrey, invited to attend, had to leave the room and vomit when she heard what they were discussing. It was ways to reduce the population.

Bill Gates sponsored the meeting. He and Warren Buffet donated $40+ Billion afterwards to the development of vaccines.

Flash to present day: Two Microsoft employees were apparently arrested recently, with 23 vials of the Covid-19 virus in their possession. Possession of Covid-19? What were they doing with the virus? Would they have carried it without having a vaccine?

David speculated that the cabal would not have released the pandemic unless they already had the vaccine.

But wait a minute. In the next act of the drama, Bill Gates resigns as head of Microsoft. Did his resignation have anything to do with the two employees? Is he connected to the Coronavirus outbreak?

David suggested that this was the Storm, as in calm before the Storm. The cabal has had a number of disaster scenarios and this was one of them. (2) And it probably hasn’t turned out quite the way the cabal expected. This was their last offensive and the world seems willing to handle the tragedy that has resulted.

If these rumors and this intel is correct, history is being made in the planned arrests.

We’re probably all hunkered down around the computer screen, if we’re not out walking in the Spring sun (Autumn down under). Provided we’re allowed out of doors!

I’m waiting and watching for news that prison planet has been liberated.


Here’s a pretty interesting item from Suzi’s Patreon:

An Anon [reader of Q Anon] had a pretty insightful idea…

Our White Hat friends seem to have the Looking Glass, and this would be another proof, if it’s on target.

COV = Coronavirus

Fe is the atomic symbol for Iron

The atomic number for Iron is 26

26 times 26 = 676



Who knows?


(1) Galactic technology that allows one to look into the future and the past.

(2) Project Bluebeam would be another, a staged “alien” invasion.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia
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