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What Happens After Death: Sadhguru and Shekhar Kapur


Wings I, never know I have lifts my Spirit Child Innocence, right off above ground deep inside, while my arms pretend not to know what lifts me with Joy for the Love of flying free in Holy Spirit murmuration. I can hear my inner voice scream a Clarion Call to Innocence, as if this dream seems as real as Nothing any Child~before lilts us, all up up, and away inside from here above Spirit-lifting wings as, only real as armless-real can call out our helpless surrender for voiceless-me coalescing in cooperating willing reflection.

What a fabulous freeing idea inside to be able to start flying, every time Spirit wants my innocence to show us here, and I get the clear idea no one can do it, without Holy Spirit innocence of children calling above us lifting the Spirits of, all children below our ONENESS, wings 1, 2, 3’ing our_your welcome for me. Amazing as this may sound unheard before I admit flying free inside, before any other child dare, just in case it needs to be heard again in case another child needs to experience being heard above the duality din of unwelcome deafening clamor of total Mortal-lying nonsense?

I can fly, I do fly, and I admit it for, all Innocent Sweet Precious Spirit Children within this Clarion Call for us us to wing-it free inside~above, with, no more unnecessary mirror-double Adult-hate Duality Parent-call to arms in Family Civil Gender-War, wingless outside in Predator-illusion Raging-survival anti-children Soul-murder? Can ya hear us now in absolution-helpless adult surrender to free us from youse-psychos_all forever again, right now, right free-of here flying above you in Holy Innocent murmuration Adult-dizzying Spiritual-inner Clarity of ONENESS sweet Child-speak adult-deafening Dark Duality Karmic-dissonant unheard-before Collective Body-prison slavery Mob-energy Vampire blood-sucker Sex-robber intention?

I am wee-flying free of Adult body-separation Gender-narcissism suffering garden of eden innocent *uck shot out of the clear sky blue beautiful hue inside winging it back inside free of all of it bat shit septic Mortal-floater Big Gulp choking on Mother Earth raging BS Satanic-lies, B*** shot D*** itch Sex-snot_Karmic-vengeance is yours, not ours so no *ucking thank you and please get a life of your, own adult-Illusion old-movie Mammary-sagging no-fly zone reruns! Go hate you’re grounded self pee pee addicts, that parents are and remain marbles in a sock you, you bastard jealous-makers!

Fly me now, Spirit Child, never hit the ground again, and thank you wings for helping me finish what I, never said before, never admitted before, and kept hidden before lest we lose the last parent on Earth that fed us for free, as if that was another Mother-addiction with or without us Blackmail man-threat for the Mammary reverse-motive Blackmail/Hostage child-addict non-flyer free-swinging polka-dot aren’t they_we-special food/sex source reverse-narcissism Family-triangulation adult-cause.

It Looked like Sex crept up behind my Mother’s intention to ‘love children’ in a measure of how much she hated_shunned her legal Sex-source in the Hate-family, and if making her husband jealous was her motive we, all forget how much Killer-rage gets transferred out onto her other sibling-rivalry added-jealous children “kill each other” sources, and then justify Single Mother lovers to get rid of the same old Vatican Cannibal sex-abuse Tunnel-distraction Pay to Play World-wide “Goddess ISIS did her children too” Child-sacrifice “Mothers are innocent” evidence.

Flying motives are getting a little more clear, the more one Child-flyer begins to blow the whistle on Earth Mother Mafia Motif, so please excuse me for Child Speak enough so, now you, all are on your, own as if that wasn’t always our children sucker’s biggest problem, already any way? The best way to change was/is to lay a few teasers out, like fire crackers to ignite inductive reasoning, as if the sleeper imagines it was all their new idea, so have at it while I light this 4th of July, and run_gotta go now, before the fighting starts blaming it, all on Money again.

Isn’t, all Mother eye-candy about sweet money War on children bastard-losses protection gang DNC Cannibal-projections, already MSM Mammaries anyway? How do we raise Honey Pot children, and forget how we can double elite money if boys were females just, as sweet as Vatican money, either way and Honey Pot Sunday? No wonder I kept my flying free a secret for so long, Huh? I had a slight feeling that there was a real reason to come crashing down again, and blame myself for, not being able to keep my wings flapping?

Oh well_O hell, like Holy Spirit keeps reminding me, NONE OF THIS IS REAL, and, not one thing on-going Projection is any Parent-grounded flying child’s fault, so rock on, single Mothers with children, not single Parents without children any damned more? It all seems so simple to me now, but it’s not easy for any Mom Sex Kid Cop Rob Rot Mob Posse-worship non flyer, to even hint at how many children can fly, despite how hard Parents try, and can’t, even get off the ground they Mother-addiction Apple-fell Mortal-War for more rotten War.
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