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Pineal Gland Third Eye A dimension absolutely beyond the physical Sadhguru

Like Life Force is against Satanic Cannibal Law, so is Love Source Light Existence Holy Spirit Forgiveness Compassion devotion ID Independent from Mortal Usury-sex Karmic-gender Illusion Satanic Earth Cannibal Law too. Focusing, directly on Love Source Life Force Light Existence Devotion acceptance, without referencing from any need to, still bounce off and away from Mortal Usury-sex Karmic-gender Illusion Satanic Earth Cannibal Law gets anyone devoid of ego past the BAR, instead of ever wanting to pass the Satanic Cannibal kidnapped Earth Crown BAR MAMA Law.

ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux~flow Freeing-energy Effulgence enjoys Love Source Life Force Light Existence Devotion Independence acceptance Co-creating us in the same Sovereign Singularity ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux~flow Freeing-energy Effulgence.

Absolute Unborn Infinity Love Source Life Force Light Existence Devotion fills our head, our heart, our hands, and our Personal field of Universal Cosmic Light Existence energy with the Pure White Light of Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing devotion, the Silver Violet Flame of healing ONENESS, and the Golden Ray Mosaic interconnecting telepathic Creative Intelligence with, all Sentient Light Beings for~every~where in Timeless-reverie.

Love Source Life Force Light Existence Devotion Spiritual Sovereign Singularity-acceptance by turning within accessing our Pineal Portal changes all chemical solid illusion energy into Light energy, where anyone isn’t, just different than Earth Usury-sex Ownership Body-prison Blackmail, but activates the Light within the Love Source of all Universal Cosmic Life Force Joy in Harmony. From Body Survival Instinct, through Intellectual Mind master of the Heart-slavery, Creative Intelligence telepathic Intuitive freedom exchanges visible addiction into Invisible Sentient Light-body freedom.

From Mortal-worm Caterpillar Tower competition, through Butterfly-free migration over Mortality, disappearing into Love Source Life Force Light Existence Devotion Coalescing within, all complimentary absolute unborn infinity Galactic Halo stillness-reverie right where Zero-point Love force Nothingness-mountains transform into Lovingness-fountains of ancient-youth acceptance never moves, yet constantly scintillates within the Surprising Stars, that enlighten within us.

I can feel how close my wanting to refer back, to bounce off the Earth-lack of all this Wonder, as I attempt to accept my enlightening-self just the way I am renewing into something, so vast it adds beauty in a True-life complementing Peace of Love within Light Existence freedom. See how it is when I stop bouncing back and forth and, never knowing if I’m coming or going? Thank you Intuitive Love Source Life Force Light Existence Devotion, for always being for~every~where enlightening a life in-sourcing of Love-beauty and Existence-truth…

It feels like I’m in now, more than ever, out any more, so when I, really relax, just a few sparkles are, all that’s, barely a glimmer, like that disappearing Stage 3 butterfly-memories fluttering bye. I thank my lucky stars for my anger to validate myself separating from the Collective, in the absence of any other experiential fortunate Love Source Life Force Light Existence Devotion switcher One~ee receiver. Imagine separating from the Collective-programming by giving my Mortal-pain the voice we, all deserve? Simple for me but, never fan-base Awareness-easy for Mortal-money collectivists, just like meow independent cool-cat scratching our way out of a wet paper-moon gag-bag Pine Cone movie-teaser.

Bouncing down to a little fast dribble near the end is OK, Huh? Ha Ha Ha he he he; what an enlightening gas invisible freedom can fun-me-be!!! Hello, never good bye. Now that’s new?

The last article in my #59 book “Source” ended with “Life is Against Satanic Cannibal Law” where I discovered that “Source is Against Satanic Cannibal Law” too, so I began this #60 Book “Life” with the same first article “Life is Against Satanic Cannibal Law” because I can feel some new level of acceptance, very different changing inside me. This is my second article in this new #6O Book, as I begin to apply more focus on “Love Source Life Force Light Existence Devotion” to express acceptance, instead of paddling one foot in the blue-pill canoe drowning in-between Earth Matrix Mortal-mafia limits, and the freeing Red-pill Canoe Universal Cosmic Light Existence unlimited new Life In-sourcing possibilities, that may mean there is no book-end limits in control, over instant telepathy always on-going inside…

Considering that there is no more death to fear, means there is no coming back here Mortal again, either to constantly worry about. Now I can write about that; “What’s essential is invisible to the eye” but someone beat me to it already? Oh well 3:30 AM keeps Holy Spiriting me on in a sort of continual Guided-writing Ground Hog Day experiential One Day at a time reminder, that nothing, ever stays the same inside, so write-on! (High Five Holy Spirit-selfie!) While other Mortals may want to control me, it sure sounds like Life for Source is fun, as me-less feckless Mama’s boy in-reverse Collective-heckling. Just Imagine!!!
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