Avoiding Abundance | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

Avoiding Abundance

Avoiding Abundance. Do you do this?

You work at a job earning minimum wage when you could take just one more night school course to get a job at double your current salary?

You knit slippers for $10 when you could be selling your paintings for $2000.?

You could be working at paid work to bring in your income yet you work at unpaid work?

You live in a huge house, much bigger than what you need, instead of selling it for a smaller one and freeing up cash from your mortgage. Your smaller house could already be paid for this way.

Money is a symbol of abundance and some avoid money. Abundance is different. It's providing for yourself through your god given creative abilities when you align with universal law.

Me: Ivo can we discuss this please. I think it would be referred to as under earning as well, but let's call it avoiding abundance.

Ivo: My love, you are an expert at this as well.

Me: Well, I'm glad because now I can get over it! Yes, I did attend Underearners Anonymous meetings years ago.

Ivo: My love, it has to do with your vision. When you get involved in a job, for example, you believe that job is meeting your needs. And then one day, as is the case with your current income, you find that it does not meet your needs and wants.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: So to understand how much you need to make you must understand your needs and wants. Do not indulge in a lifestyle of excessive materialism. This should be pared back, but in fact understanding what you need to survive and to do your life's work is important. You are doing your life's work now, my love, and find that your income covers little more than rent, bills and food.
Me: Yes.

Ivo: There are always opportunities to create abundance but when you walk as a horse with blinders on the sides of your eyes, you do not see them. Part of that problem, as well, is that you do not understand your true potential, so many of you do not.

Aligning with abundance is a question of understanding if your current method of earning money meets your needs or not, and then understanding what your true potential is to earn.

Me: I'm more inclined to want to serve, not to earn.

Ivo: Yes, that does create conflict within many of you. And as you pointed out the other day in your post, there are many who are serving the light who are using third dimensional means of advertising and promoting themselves, through guilt, for example. This will not ensure their success as the light quotient rises within your people and they are seen for what they are doing.

Attracting income through the merits of your work is the means to gain abundance. When you align with the universe, the universe will serve you. Your method of creating abundance, and thus income, aligns with universal law, the laws of love.

Me: The other thing, I find, is just having enough time to do everything I want to do. I used to say I had either a lack of time or lack of money - now I have both.

Ivo: And this is a question of working within the flow. You know when it is time to put aside your painting and to publish your book. You know when you need time for yourself to read a book and to work on your own skillset. Your mind tends to think of all of these needs as being pressing but they are not. You have the time to do it all.

Me: Okay.

Ivo: For others you are missing opportunities because you do not understand your potential to create. So many are indulging in side gigs on top of their normal income source and this is a good way to increase your abundance. Ideally working less while earning more would be the way to go.

Me: How would I do that then?

Ivo: Obviously for you having staff would be the way forward and it will be implemented when you can afford to pay them. That would imply that you are earning more.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: You have a particular skillset and others you are not yet aware of that the earth needs you to carry out, and spending your time tweaking websites and posting blogs is something you can leave to those who would enjoy that work.

Me: True. What I see of lightworkers is that there is a need for counselling each other and helping each other out. Validating each other, helping each other to grow - because so many are stuck in the mindset of looking for validation outside themselves - they need to be taught to validate themselves by another. That's what I have been doing.

Ivo: Yes, and this is important. To teach those who look outside of themselves how to find it inside of themselves.

Me: So that could be something for people who are lightworkers - helping each other and then perhaps making a service of it later on once you get some experience. If you find you're good at counselling others, or can see others' problems easily, then that might be a way to go.

But let's get back to generalities... Ivo you told me when I started to paint again that it is a higher skill that aligns with higher mind, not lower mind.

Ivo: And it is. I told you it would help increase your income and help your contact. And since you have been painting you are seeing beings walking around the house more, and are more sensitive to seeing the motion of other dimensions around you.

Me: That's true.

Ivo: The more time you spend in higher mind, the better and the easier alignment of higher to lower mind becomes.

Me: So my point was that lightworkers might have a creative hobby that they can use to produce more abundance.

Really, just ask, "How can I be of service?" How can I serve others. Not "How can I make more money?" because that line of thinking is becoming outmoded, or it will eventually.

There's always the problem, as well, of those who criticize others for being spiritual and asking money for what they do. For some reason, people think that if you're spiritual you can live off the air. They fail to remember that the new spiritual person lives in a house and has a mortgage or rent to pay. We don't live in trees. Lightworkers are in the system as well and some are trapped by the system, but others still live within the system and create abundance for themselves in spite of the system. Others are living within the system in order to change the system. Politicians, bankers, big business people - are lightworkers and even on-world extraterrestrials who have infiltrated the system.

So those lightworkers are earning a pay check as well.

What has to be dealt with is that earning money and being of service to others have to be put in the right order. Being of service is a higher state, and must come first before earning money, I feel.

The other thing I'm seeing is that an economy is being built around spiritual services and I feel that in future this will replace much of the economy we see now. I've been to worlds where they don't have banks but they have people dealing in gems from other worlds.

We have to consider that what we're doing now is going to be the economy for earth's future. As more people awaken, spiritual services, ascension services, selling gems, selling wholesome foods, selling green products will overtake what we see now as retail and service related businesses as people awaken and realize they have different needs than they did in 2019.

Just don't rip people off, keep your business ethical and mind the person who hasn't got money to pay you. It's business based on ethics and humanitarianism, not the business model we see now.

And you see this being done already as people can buy a ticket to go to a seminar and then the seminar is recorded and put on youtube for everyone else who didn't attend to see it for free. That's ethical business.

Ivo: This is it, my love, your needs will change and eventually your financial system will fade away. But for now, people must take off the blinders in order to create abundance for themselves and to provide a service for humanity - to enrich humanity in a higher way, is the way to go.

You have chosen to paint and you have books for sale. You offer sales so that all can make good of the lower prices. This is also important.

It is important to leave materialism behind. Having too much stuff keeps you beholden to your paycheck. Understanding what is truly important is key. Understand that in many circles materialism is thought to be the opposite of spiritualism. The opposite of spiritualism is actually the system you live in, your system of working.

The more things you have, the more you require to buy, the more you are living in that mindset. This is the thinking behind decluttering. To rid yourself of things that are meaningless to you is important but also to embark on a spiritual understanding of yourself, if you have not already.

Streamlining your life but looking for opportunities to serve and to create income streams through these methods. Many are looking for fulfillment now, as a race, and the way forward is of higher frequency.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, your future is grand, however this now must be dealt with. Your idea of cutting cords with the concept of lack is also a good one as you are tied to the energy of those on your planet who do not have enough. Cut cords, free yourself and create your abundance.


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