Duality Co-creators Judge their, own Patsy-criminal Co-creation Mirrors | Pine Cone

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Life in-Sourcing, never outsources corrupt Duality-justice for the lack of Duality-gender, lack of Karmic lifetimes illusion, lack of life in-sourcing mean-spirited continual judging others, as our, own co-creation selves, and getting away with it by half the same mirror-double Duality corrupted judging do-gooder Co-creator billions.

Corrupt Duality Justice, always judges others as themselves but, only catch half their, own Karmic-criminal Co-creators, yet both re-appear flattened in role-reversal by the Duality Wheel of Karma number of criminals to begin with, plus more now, in ever increasing need for blaming our, own separation shame/blame Karma in total cognitive dissonance, as if we’ve, never been split in corrupt Patsy criminal convenient Amnesia-evil Duality halvsies here before.

Life in-sources only Source Life, never Duality Mean spirited-abnormal bias, and we corrupted criminal Justice Co-creators forget all about how the whole universe keeps Earth under a sort of CDC Quarantine, waiting for Duality half-life degeneration to die off so life Source can arrive without becoming, just another Patsy-part of duality’s Death-wishes to, never judge the Quantum Mechanic real Co-creator judges.

Life in Source absence of Duality-gender, Karmic lifetime body-memories, and lack of Corrupt Duality Justice, only catching half the real judging-criminals, never outsources mean-spirited Earth-quarantined corrupted Duality for many more valid lifeless sick, and dying Intuitive invisible ever-increasing degeneration atomic nuclear Fake out seasons gone viral Mafia Family-infestation protection-projection Hide and, never-seek reasons.

Sure we’re all angry as Hell about the Universe putting us in Quarantine and watching us all from a safe distance to die off finally, but Life in Source, never out-sources Duality-gone viral anywhere and, neither will we live Life in-sourcing. from the total lack of Life Source, completely unavailable, even by Duality victim/victimizer always remaining One, and the same caretaker Source-less Mortal-virus by Karma-non-life temporary-survival definition.

Duality identification maintains manifestation-cruelty by mirror-double Karmic role-reversal denied definition, so we wouldn’t want to surprise Life in Source, when half of us showed up again, still blaming the same role-reversal other Patsy-half life degeneration just to lower Source vibration down to criminal Evil Mortal-outsourcing ID Half life degeneration for the Mortal 3D ‘dead and dying’ half-life Bio-degeneration nuclear half-life Mortal half-life die off criminal, same ole half-life degeneration cause.

I ain’t waiting any more for nuclear Bio-degeneration nuclear dead and dying half-lives to degenerate separation, and somehow somewhere in my miserable duality half-life degeneration non-life SURPRISE, a weird experience of Life in Source kept happening so many times, living undead didn’t seem worth the nuclear half-life degeneration wait any more.

Life in Source woke me up from the non-life Duality gender blame-game no one ever Duality wins, and Duality non life never looked worse, when half-life degeneration doing Time, just seemed like Duality prison doing so much Time it takes thousands of lifetimes to satisfy my worst inner judging myself for imprisoning everything I can see inside-out-Sourced clearly now.

Duality Judges Co-create their, own Patsy-criminal Half-life degenerating Undead Mirrors
Duality Co-creators Judge their, own Patsy-criminal Co-creation Mirrors | Pine Cone Duality Co-creators Judge their, own Patsy-criminal Co-creation Mirrors | Pine Cone Reviewed by TerraZetzz on 10/26/2019 09:30:00 PM Rating: 5

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