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Notes on Adamu Speaks ~ Timelines… and the Dissolution of the illuminati!

August 13, 2019
By Suzanne Maresca

The recent update by Zingdad was rather densely packed with information, and a bit on the long side. Many of us prefer reading to watching and listening, sometimes simply for the time factor involved.

This particular video is plump with Light intel that’s quite helpful if not instrumental in our moving forward on the awakening journey. One listen might not be enough, and because there may be many who won’t be taking the time to watch, I’ve gone through again to take notes.

Keep in mind that these are my notes after listening carefully to the transmission. I used his words and phrases in most of it, and there may even be a quote or three. It’s just too important an update to miss for not having the time to watch.

Maybe reading these notes will inspire some to watch, anyway. It’s well worth it.

This transmission is by Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilization coming through Zingdad on August 9, 2019.

There are high-frequency consciousnesses that each hold a plan for life. This plan is called a “timeline”. They do this by holding a vacuum into which life must flow. Except they hold that vacuum not in space, but in time. Prior to this incarnation, we would have sat with our Guides, knowing that we’re about to take flesh in order to achieve an objective.

The goal for incarnating might have been to transform or awaken to unconditional love or to greater compassion, or perhaps to heal trust for the self or the Divine. There are many possibilities and objectives for transforming consciousness.

We wished to arrive at whatever intended outcome. The journey is the timeline we live. There might be a number of journeys as part of our lives…careers, relationships, etc. The strands of our individual timelines get woven together into greater and greater timelines…individual, planetary and galactic on out. There’s a consciousness that oversees each timeline that makes sure that it flows in the desired direction.

We’ve expressed ourselves into lives on planets beyond number, in this galaxy and beyond. Each planet has had its intention for each civilization that arises on it. There have been a number of civilizations on planet Earth before ours. Each time our Galactic friends have witnessed a civilization arising, flowering, coming to full consciousness and ascending, they’ve refined their view of what makes a successful journey through timelines. What makes planetary consciousness arise?

They’ve seen things that work and support the awakening of consciousness, and timelines have been created to support that. Timelines are conscious beings.

Adamu speaks of a past channeling by Zingdad of a being called Master Eight about densities. Master Eight is the holder of the gate between the 7th and 8th densities of consciousness. Our planetary consciousness is in 3rd density. Those arising from the matrix are third density beings. Those listening to this transmission are mostly from outside, coming in from other places beyond this reality to support this process of Ascension. We work to raise consciousness from 3rd density to higher.

So far, we have the duality choice of the service-to-self path or the service-to-other path. This is where he speaks of the intentional loving misinformation.

Timelines diverge according to self-responsible vs. other-responsible. Why is it now time to correct this information and what does it mean? Loose lips sink ships as a phrase is relevant to the reason why misinformation was deemed necessary.

Some things shouldn’t be known to all because there is an agenda in place on Earth that is deeply light-deficient. They (the deeply light-deficient “DLD”) don’t want the consciousness of the matrix to arise to full Divine Awakening and God-consciousness. They wish to maintain control of what’s happening on the planet.

In a manner of speaking, the DLD feed on us and our emotions. They like to be in control of us and use us as minions and puppets. They want the whole of the matrix to remain in a somnolent state (sleeping for unusually long periods.)

If the DLD are told what the streams of consciousness are to wake us up, they’ll use that information against the Children of the Matrix. They’ve already weaponized timelines against us.

The idea that service-to-self is less benevolent and service-to-others is more benevolent has been used against us.

Look at what’s happening in the press, in academia and in our collective consciousness. Our best motivations have been used as a vehicle to harm us, our bloodlines, culture and our personal sense of security. It’s been done to turn Humans against each other so that we remain malleable and controllable.

It turned out to be a good move to not release this information until it was too late for it to be used against us, and that time is now.

The two timelines flow according to our choice to be self-responsible (SR) or other responsible (OR).

The difference between the two is that a self-responsible soul takes action either on their own behalf or simply when action is called for. The other-responsible soul thinks somebody else has to fix them, or fix the situation at hand.

Adamu goes into detail on what each soul choice looks like and why it matters so much to us if we want to be in more tangible contact with our Galactic friends.

Self-responsibility leads directly into creator consciousness. It leads to an acceptance that the Divine resides in us.

Other-responsibility leads directly to victim consciousness, lashing out and anger.

There’s a separation between the SR and OR souls. The Pleiadians can engage productively and usefully with SR souls. That isn’t possible with the OR.

They could re-resonate their lightships to the frequency we’re inhabiting and drop into our awareness right now, land on our front lawns and come to say hello to us. They could engage with SR politicians, and they would be able to come and help.

They would be able to do this because when they arrived they would be welcomed. The awareness of those of the Pleiadian monadic entity is billions of years old while Earth Humans have only 6,000 years of awareness. As an older civilization, they’ve ironed out all of the kinks of what we struggle with and could be as an older brother to us. They would be able to do that with the self-responsible because we look to ourselves for solutions but are also open to help.

The other-responsible would be fearful and reactive if our Galactic friends just showed up. It would create chaos and pandemonium. If the OR did get to a place of believing that Star Family is benevolent and here to help, the attitude would be to say, “Just fix everything for us” and then do nothing for themselves.

That would cement our culture exactly where it is. We would stop growing and evolving and become either their prisoners or like recalcitrant children who never grow up.

Were timelines to diverge and were we to find ourselves in a SR society, members of the Galactic Federation of civilizations, determined to support the positive evolution of consciousness, would be able to engage with us. They would want to. It would be good for all parties and serve the greater good.

The timeline with the OR has no chance of contact with benevolent ET races such as those of the Galactic Federation.

Currently there’s a mix of such diversity on the planet that they have to leave things alone until we create a divergence in our timelines. That moment of the fraying of the timelines into other possibilities and the process of the divergence of those timelines is called ‘”The Event.” (1)

What The Event actually is, is not fixed. When and how it happens and over what period of time is very variable. Earth Humanity, both those who come from the outside in and those who are awakening from the Matrix up, are the ones who decide how The Event will unfold.

Besides these two timelines…the SR and the OR ones…consciousness arose that at least one additional timeline must be created, because there’s something very special happening on Earth right now.

From the Matrix up, beings are awakening, but a very small number of them are awakening in a way that is “completely delightfully amazingly surprising.”

We have a part of our brain which is dedicated to speech. It’s part of our nature, so even very young babies have the desire to speak.

If our animal companions suddenly started speaking, we would be very surprised, because they don’t have a speech center built into their brain. It would be miraculous.

That kind of miracle is busy happening with Humanity. We haven’t got the brain wiring necessary to do what we’ve been doing in waking up. There’s an awakening to miraculous talents. Our ability to engage such gifts is accelerating.

Those that are awakening in this way would be wasted on the SR or OR path. For those on the accelerated path, this would be a plodding, slow journey.

So, a transcendent new level of reality needed to be opened up for those.

To the Wanderers, almost certainly all those listening to this transmission, the Starseeds, the Lightbringers, those who came from a higher plane of existence to help out here ~

“You have gifted so courageously, given so much and risked so much. Your sacrifice has been so deep, and you’ve come to this planet and had the slings and the torments and the pain. You’ve suffered as a result of incarnating here. You’ve shattered yourselves to be here. And you’ve learned to love this planet.”

(And here is where tears started rolling down my cheeks)

“Many of you speak to us of your great love of nature and animals and life here.”

Consciousness arises that there’s a better outcome for us than to simply return to where we came from when this great gifting is over.

So for those on the accelerated awakening path and for the Starseeds and Light Bringers who wish it, there is a third timeline that’s recently been opened. He can speak about it now because it can no longer be blocked.

This third timeline is the Unity Conscious timeline. It’s neither SR nor OR, but it is for those who have the dawning of the Light, of oneness of God, Source, Creator present within ~ those who want to experience a blissful, joyful life on a planet very like this except surrounded by others who are themselves unity conscious.

We’ll be surrounded by those who are wise and kind and loving…surrounded by those who have magnificent gifts to give. And in that space we can discover and give our own great gifts.

This third timeline has been opened.

The demise of the Ancient Red Vampire (transmission posted here) is what triggered a realization that this third timeline needed to be opened.. They knew that if they were transparent and clear about what they were doing in opening that timeline, those agents of the deeply light-deficient agenda would work against it and make it as impossible as they could for the timeline to be anchored.

They told a story that was a lower version of reality. They told a story of creating Light Circles which would exclude certain demonic activity. He mentions the Marzons, spoken of in a previous transmission.

That was true, but the Light Circles actually are and always were unity conscious reality timeline anchors.

They placed anchors in Hawaii, Los Angeles and New York. The anchors were so placed because they were most crucially needed across the United States. More of these will be created around the world, but only one anchor was truly needed. He goes into detail about who did this with him and from where.

There’s work to be done and to be co-created by us. He speaks of the next update they’ll do, which will be about how we can create and maintain those Light Circles ourselves. How to create and manifest our own individual timeline. How to weave that with others and create the vast, high-consciousness timeline. Lots of information still coming.

Regarding the dissolution of the illuminati ~ They can speak much more freely now. The gathering of the ancient bloodlines had been somewhat monopolized by the Ancient Red Vampire. With his death, these blocks of power that he had formed and was holding with the strength of his personality have been shattering.

The Federation needed to wait for the internal strife and conflict to create schisms and crumblings in the structure that he had built. We can see this taking place now. The structures of power are beginning to conflict and compete with one another. In so doing, they lose coherence and direction.

Had this not happened, we would already be engaged in planetary war.

The illuminati is now no more. There’s no longer one single goal for these old bloodline families

It’s good news for those engaged in the awakening process.

After the next update about creating Light Circles, Zingdad and Adamu will create one about The Event itself and the moment when the various timelines fragment from each other. What is it? How does it work? Why do we want to delay it? The longer it takes and the greater period of time over which it unfolds, the better for everybody. Why that is true will be addressed in a following update.

Adamu ends the transmission with this ~ “I wish you Love, Peace and Joy, and I wish that you are ever more present to the Divine Light that burns in your own center. Until then, I love you with the Heart of Oneness.”

Adamu Speaks ~ Timelines…and the Dissolution of the illuminati


(1) SaLuSa used to call it the “time of separation.” See “The Time of Separation” at http://goldengaiadb.com/index.php?title=Our_Situation_in_the_Golden_Age_of_Gaia#The_Time_of_Separation.)

Source: Golden Age of Gaia
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