Ashtar Sheran via Sharon Stewart | June 20, 2019

My Post Yesterday: People, seeing. posts in Lightworker groups about how the Galactic Federation is capable of mind control, and how they are planning to take over this world. These are being spread by darkworkers. People, as a lightworker you ARE part of the Galactic Federation, specifically the Ashtar Command Ground Crew, and if you were trying to take over the world, you'd probably know about it already. Please understand that the dark is making frantic attempts to sway our loyalties, however they can't come out and announce their presence here on the earth. The only way they can do it is by attempting to convince you that the Light is the dark. Don't believe it. You know who you are and you know you're connected with the GFL. Seriously, do you want to take over the world and enslave everyone on it? I don't. You may wonder why you're ground crew if you never see these ETs or talk to them while you're awake, true. But when you're asleep, your light body is on board their ships, you're going to meetings, carrying out raids of the lower 4th dimension, battling the dark, getting help with your personal issues, seeing your galactic family and friends, and resting on their ships. You are very much a part of this positive operation.

This post was pulled from my timeline so it couldn't be shared. It was too late because it did get out and I encouraged my friends to share it around even more.

Ashtar: Hello Sharon, hello lightworkers and starseeds. It's indeed true that you are part of our operation. We do work with you in the astral/etheric in order to coach you in your next steps, to apprise you of our projects and you work along with us as light warriors against the dark.

We need you to understand that the dark is attempting to sway your minds with disinformation. They use social media platforms in order to accomplish this, Facebook being the most popular for lightworkers. But it is not limited to that.

The current bit of disinformation being spread is as Sharon has stated: That the Light is coming to take over the earth and to enslave you. This is one in a series of attempts by the dark to discredit the light: either by discrediting the Pleaidians and now the GFL. They will do anything but tell you the Truth. If they tell you the Truth – that they have been controlling your planet and your minds, they know you will not stand for it. They also know that you would accept the help of the GFL to free you more readily. You would ally with us, and they don't want this.

We have told you many many times that you are already enslaved and that your process of ascension is happening in order to free you of the bonds of this enslavement. When you do, in fact, free yourself of these bonds, you will become as powerful as any member of the Galactic Federation of Light - because you already ARE as powerful as any member of the Galactic Federation of Light. We are all one under God and are all powerful beings, you as well as the rest of those in the multidimension that you help to create. It is that the dark has you believing you're not powerful that they can continue their control over you.

The GFL members are beings of high vibration only. Should we decide to enslave any race or planet of peoples we, in fact, would become the fallen angels ourselves, as enslavement of a peoples is contrary to universal law and a violation of free will. It is because we live by the tenets of the Laws of Love, or Universal Laws as you call them, that we can hold the high vibration that we do.

If we were in fact to disregard universal law, we would become as you are upon earth: of two minds, the lower mind would dominate because we would lose our high love vibration. So we can only act in love. We cannot create evil or we would suffer from it ourselves. You call this karma. We call this universal balance.

Those fearmongerers upon your social media platforms who publish messages for the dark such as this one are trying to sway your loyalty away from the Galactic Federation of Light. As Sharon has pointed out in her post, you are a member of the GFL and you too are bound by universal law when you work with us. It is in your best interests to learn these laws and begin to live by them, because then you will be untouchable by the dark. You will no longer fear the dark as you will know through personal experience that the Light is much stronger.

The dark is inconsequential now. It is playing games with you to attempt to keep its reality alive. It needs you to do this. You need to understand this as well. Without your accepting its lies and its poison, it will die. Many on your planet are turning away from believing the lies and are turning towards the Truth at this time. This is killing the darkness. To have light shone upon it, like a shadow, will make it disappear.

I remain here for you always,



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