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The Galactic Federation of Light

May 21, 2019
By Steve Beckow

On March 28, 2019, Archangel Michael made this statement about Disclosure:

Archangel Michael: Yes, Disclosure … is very close at hand.

Steve: Okay, I probably should get going on producing literature on disclosure.

AAM: Yes you should. (1)

So here I am “getting going.” I’m going to post as often as time allows on some aspect of our star family, in preparation for the delegations. I’m going to make them short articles so that folks can read them without a significant time investment.

Let me start by introducing one of the several coalitions that are here at this time: The Galactic Federation of Light.

SaLuSa speaking through Mike Quinsey in 2011 introduced the GFL this way:

“The Galactic Federation is comprised of civilisations of ascended Beings carrying the status of Masters. They are spiritually evolved and their energy is of Love and Light, with the intent of spreading it far and wide.

“We act on the Divine orders that direct our activities, and we are committed to helping civilisations such as yours. You can understand your position at this time, and know that you are on the verge of a momentous leap in your evolution. We are here to travel with you, and even beyond as you make your way through the next level of dimensions.

“Nothing will be allowed to interfere with your progress, and it is our responsibility to ensure you safely achieve Ascension.” (2)

They are not composed of only one lifestream, SaLuSa says:

“You will find that many different types of Beings from other civilizations work side by side for the Galactic Federation of Light. We enjoy the knowledge and differences that other Extraterrestrials bring with them that we can all share. Sharing is the operative word that expresses everything that we do, and it is done for the good of all.” (3)

They don’t connect with civilizations just from this galaxy, Adamu reminds us through Zingdad:

“This is simply to let you know that there are a great many races and cultures in the galaxy. And our friendships and connections extend a great distance beyond this galaxy. In fact the Galactic Federation of Light to which we Pleiadians belong has made connections in other galaxies with beings that have similar ideals and have forged even wider alliances based upon a common understanding of the Oneness of All.” (4)

Those who are not of the same lifestream have learned our culture and ways by studying us, SaLuSa says:

“We of the Galactic Federation have not all evolved along the same path as you. However we can gain an understanding of your experiences through tapping into your consciousness. It clearly helps us to work in harmony with you, if we can respond as one who can resonate with your experiences.” (5)

The GFL had a hand in seeding the Earth with the present line of homo sapiens, making them our parents, ancestors, and antecedents, as SaLuSa reminds us:

“You will find that Galactic Federation members are no strangers to your early evolution, and in fact have had more than a hand in it. There is more of a connection between us than you might imagine, and we have had a part to play in your genetic engineering resulting in what you are today. When you get to see the various types of Beings in our Federation, you will marvel at how many have a close resemblance to how you look now.” (6)

Damur of Antares tells us that their civilization alone has contributed over a million spaceships to assist with our Ascension:

“Salutations. We are from Antares. We are amongst an infinite number of worlds in your Milky Way Galaxy.

“We wish to present information to you. Our Mothership, Antares, is here on a mission of peace. We are one of over a million ships involved with the Divine Plan of ascension for planet Earth.” (7)

Though not all members of the GFL are human in appearance, only those who do appear human are being allowed to make contact with us so as not to startle people or raise fear in them.


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Source: Golden Age of Gaia
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