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Christ Light ID burns the eyes of tiny Physical-role Evil-criminality, and so is any semblance of Christ Light vanquished by the Evil criminals in control over the Meek to Spirit Light benevolence. Separatists, all look outside themselves for addictive Authoritarian Centralization, the opposite of Creator Light ID, from within Spiritual Sovereign Singularity Kindness.

Even Now, after killing Christ to make it all better here in the Dark again most, still imagine the Creator Light of Christ didn’t matter, as much as the tiny Physical-role Evil criminality gender ID Malevolence-addiction. Creator Light ID empowers the Kindness from within devotion to forgiveness nurturing enlightening compassion in Delight Bonding Communion intimate Love Listening where we affirm others, as ourselves with Delight validation, and the Kind wisdom of gratitude-acceptance, as Immortal Love missing here as any kindness, continually censures us in suffering Death-paradigm increasing Mortal-separation.

We vanquished the Universal Cosmic Light ID of Christ, while continually holding HIM in disregard by ridiculing his Creator Light ID, with our own addiction to Identify ourselves as Tiny physical-role ID Evil criminality, so while we remain addicted to Creation Evil motives, we switch the Light of Christ from Creator Light ID, to our, own way to blame Light for our addiction to Jesus, in favor of his tiny Physical-role ID Evil criminal Mother-role, instead. Now we suffer for switching our allegiance from the Creator Light ID of Gender Evil with emphasis on male ID as if Christ were the MAN, who died for us, while the Light stopped burning our energy Vampire-censuring blind eyes, and deaf ears.

Who we are, what we are, where we are, and all the Mortal motives in the Physical-role World-anxiety separatist Illusion of Authoritarian Centralization addiction, really remain in unkind censuring-overdrive normalcy-bias Collective Mob Consciousness psychotic narcissism, not as Light ID, as we would like to “Chamber of Commerce” Fake-motive Popular-pretend. Mortals remain, mere temporarily unkind by our, very carnivorous Death-paradigm Light-extinguishing Censuring-nature, and so would another MAN, or Woman Mortal lead us to our, own self-hate projection narcissistic Gender-limited Gam-BLING Glitter-demise again.

Creator Universal Cosmic Light ID is, not Evil criminality motivated, we Mortal-remains are completely in Q-cute favor of the tiny Physical-role Evil criminality, that we keep following right off the Karmic-cliff into the Sleeping Sheeple Repetitive-disempowering Mortal-abyss. The Light of Christ left with Christ, and HIS memory serves us right to hold his tiny MALE Physical-role above the Light-hierarchy we extinguish, and keep on extinguishing for the tiny 1%, who own us in Sex-slave physical-role addiction to their Evil-complicit criminality Collective 99% Political Mob-posse Mother Earth Mortal-survival Karmic-redundant motivated worship Consciousness.

Kindness, awe gone!

Yet, as long as no Mortal can Listen to others without reactive censuring of Delight Bonding Communion acceptance, separatists are we, Mortals flattened on the Death-paradigm wheel of Karma with no Kind placeholder to enlighten compassion, ever so missing here in censuring nowheresville. If nothing changes, nothing changes, and if Mortal censure, censuring Mortals remains, just as our remains are, already Mortal here in Deaf and Blind, all pervasive Death-paradigm, we Mortals remain undead censuring-unteachable in continual Karma Dharma Drama-perversion.

Light, awe gone!

Mortals remain eyes-burning shame-separate, even in Heaven, so upon Karmic-return censuring is running in place when Mortal-motives hit the Physical-gravity role-reversal control-addiction ground. Listening to others with Delight Bonding Communion acceptance is an act of Immortal Love within Creator Light ID Forgivness-motives yet, even when the chips are down here, we resort to Mortality Warring-motives, as if the Kind Light of Christ, still remains our “I want my Christ Mommy” worst enemy. Today I am switching my allegiance from self-disclosing at risk of my Mortal 'non-life', from suffering continual censuring.

I remember Carl Rogers of Active Listening with genuine regard sharing he’s not proud of what he thinks, what he says and what he does in a hostile environment, so, even if I am enlightening compassion clearly for a couple accidentally-daring Mortal-environment seconds, Mortality’s collective remains in fierce control, just like when we vanquished kindness in the name of a handy dandy Physical Jesus Dying-light away for, all our unkind Mother-role Dark-shadow, more comfortable addictive-overreactive fix-it compunction fear-survival reasons.

“I’m not Creative in a hostile environment” speaks volumes of useless Mortal unintelligent chatter, so when it’s not emotionally safe to self-disclose, or when a Whole Planet is as hostile as Mother Earth remains Mortal-bent on our own Death-paradigm self-destruction, nothing changes when nothing changes is working, very well to keep any second Light from coming chicken-back here scratch ticket-ammonia Kindly. My guided writing is about to go ethereal viral, within the least hostile environment, and most enlightened-nurturing Tesla-acceptance I have ever Holy Spirit forgiveness compassion experienced, so far in a repenting devoted body-letting go Mortal suffering-separatist Evil-motive censuring criminal mind-control handler nowheresville.

This present step on the bridge of forgiveness may seem silly at first, but once Creator Light ID becomes me, all Mortal bets are off, as Creator Light ID, begins to interconnect within Creative Intelligence for, all other invisible waiting Sentient Light Being Kindness. A Mortal fan-base isn’t, even an enlightening option, so Creator Light ID here I come, where remaining True to my True Light ID-self invites the unknown Spiritual Sovereign Singularity that’s missing here on, ever so popular Evil Criminal Mother Earth’s main physical-role fused-relationship in political-gang prison-motif.

Mortals awe gone!


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