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The Difference between Judgement and Observation – Part 1/2

August 5, 2018
By Dan Clizer

It seems more and more these days a hot-button issue for many folks is “judgement.”

We cry foul if it seems someone is judging us.

I want to primarily explain briefly three things in this article. First, what judgement is; second, what energy ‘drives’ judgement; and third, how to observe without “judgement.”

Judgement in the context we are creating with (duality) is taught as a means of trying to ascertain what is right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative – and then controlling people.

The Egoic energy that is at the heart of judgement wants to be able to label it and then move into controlling outcomes. I’m not suggesting that judgment was not necessary for a 3D, duality experience because I think it was in order to play the “game” in the way it needed to be played.

It was indeed necessary because the name of the game in dualityis controlling people and energetics.

However, as those of us creating the New Paradigm know, we are building, moving, and expanding into a 5D experience and therefore we must build the templates of energetic experience that will support its structure. We Do and Be this by becoming it in every way we can in order to set the living example of how it is done!We simply must BE what we wish to see. There’s no other way.

The energy that drives judgment is Ego. Ego can only survive if it can continue to label, judge, criticize and then use its tricks of blame, shame and guilt to coerce others into accepting its ideals and changing their beliefs and methods/modes of interaction.

So, it becomes absolutely imperative that Lightworkers and Starseeds step up to the plate and set examples that the entire Planet can emulate. How do we make the leap from judgement to observation?

The answer is simple, but certainly not easy!

For many years I read and re-read the incredibly wonderful writings of Eckhart Tolle and Neal Donald Walsch. Their writings allowed me to form (and use) in a very concrete manner certain core principles of interaction that are necessary as part of laying the energetic grid-work of the New Paradigm.

One of those principles is “Observation of What Is.” In order to simply observe “what is” without judgement, it is extremely important be able to step into your heart, step into your I AM Presence and bring forward the living love that forms everything in the Universe.

We call forth what we already know at an intuitive level and we gently remind ourselves that there is NO judgment. Creator Source has no judgment for us and therefore we must follow suit and create no judgment of others.

Each soul is worked with throughout many lifetimes to perfectly create the precise experience they need to completely remember their Spiritual Essence, and become fully-conscious. This process is guided every step of the way and there is no room in that process for duality/polarity judgments, so we can relieve ourselves of that thankless task :-))

Tomorrow I will take a look at how to use “Observation of What Is” in practical, day to day application and how to incorporate it into your experience so it becomes automatic. I can guarantee that the freedom you’ll feel not needing to judge everything and everyone will be immense!

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

The Difference between Judgement and Observation – Part 2/2

August 6, 2018
By Dan Clizer


I have found in my experience working with myself and clients, that slowing the response time down is an important key.

Here’s what I mean: when we know we are about to make a judgment or criticism of someone, we consciously slow down the thought and or interaction process (instead of reacting) and wait in making any statement. (1) We’ve just been triggered, so we’ll be very careful.

We take time to remind ourselves of the “bigger picture.” We remind ourselves that it is not our job to sit in judgment and that there is no judgement.

We remember that there’s a much larger picture playing out. That larger picture has each soul placed within the given context and experience they wished to have in order to become Self-Realized Beings.

How would we know on an Egoic level what that soul has chosen to experience? We would not.

The Ego and the Pain-Body are the two energies that “react.” Spirit instead chooses to respond in a manner that fosters greater spiritual growth for each person that may be involved in the interaction and thus assure a beneficial result and outcome with each interaction.

Ego and particularly Pain-Body energy seeks to cause reaction in others and therefore feed off the unhealthy energy produced.

Spiritual energy seeks to always cause deeper Self-Realization in itself and others and therefore heal from the illusion of duality.

If we become very conscious of the different energies at play within us, we can then consciously choose the healthy, appropriate pathway.

With each passing moment as we practice it becomes easier. Before long it becomes automatic to slow the process down within our minds and slowly, deliberately choose the response we know emanates from our spiritual essence.

Our I AM Presence is being allowed expression and all aspects of “life” begin to change……Ego and Pain-Body energy are at this point being rapidly transmuted in the pure fire of conscious awareness, and becoming less of a bother with each passing day.

The bottom line is always: Make the entire process conscious. Do not allow yourself to react. If you do react, don’t judge yourself. Just observe and vow to not react next time!

I’ll give you an example from my life. I’ve had several people through the years ask me questions that triggered me severely and as I observed myself silently beginning to react, I said: Give me some time, maybe a day or two, and I will get back to you on that……I’m not quite sure how I want to respond.

When I do this consciously, I inevitably will respond from a place of love, rather than Egoic or Pain-Body-related fear.

So, from my perspective, there are three main benefits of being able to observe “what is” with judgment. The primary one is that it will vastly increase our levels of conscious awareness and this in turn grounds into Gaia the very energies we came here to model for Ascension.

A secondary benefit is healing. In more practical terms, neutral energy response will greatly assist in creating “safe space” for people to heal. The first healing occurs in us as we practice being neutral within our own minds, transmuting our own internal judgement of Self.

In turn, we can create safety for others because they know they can talk to us without being judged for anything.

This ability to then talk about different behaviors without judgement leads to a whole new world opening up……..we discover we can pinpoint certain behaviors within Self and others that can now be talked about without fear. What we can talk about is witnessed and can then heal!

A third benefit that is huge is one of transmuting dense, fear-based energy for the collective consciousness. We become living, conscious conduits for energy transmutation and grounding.

We are the groundcrew that makes it possible for the core group of Earth humans to make their first Ascension. Transmutation of fear-based energies creates a fertile soil for Ascension.

Observation of what is leads us down a pathway of acceptance instead of resistance. Acceptance/Allowance leads to Ascension.

What a relief to know that it simply is not and never has been our place to judge!

We are the Masters and what we make conscious and decide to change will indeed change.

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(1) Steve: I reach the same place, for the same reasons, by walking slowly.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia
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