Message from the Arcturian Collective, Elthor & the Dragon Collective (8/16/18) | Galaxygirl

Arcturian Collective, Elthor & the Dragon Collective 8/16/18

We are the Arcturian Collective and we see many of you making tremendous strides now, rapidly, with little patience for delays on your road to ascension. Ascension is a gradual, bit by bit momentum, more than a specific destination. However, this can make the journey seem longer than it needs to. And a way around this friends is to be in the now. To enjoy where you are in this most unique moment on your own personal ascension journey. This has never happened quite like this to you before, we may say, even though you have had a myriad of tremendously interesting and challenging experiences on the earth plane.

You are the bravest the brave for incarnating here in the first place and we are very proud of you. Energy out equals energy back. This is the earth lesson. That love is the highest vibration is the second lesson. There are of course many, many lessons that you have all individually undertaken, pursed through and tackled on your many, many lifetimes here. But those lifetimes and those challenges have prepared you for this biggest challenge of all of them; planetary ascension. For you see, you are all tremendously powerful beings with Source light emanating from every pore of you. We see this and up until now you could not. But perhaps if we lift the veil a bit more and you see what we see you will be greatly encouraged by your progress.

Think of the professional climber. How do they start training? They hike small hills. They travel around their area and hike larger hills. And eventually they travel the world and climb progressively harder mountains. And finally they climb Everest, your current tallest peak. Climbers rejoice for on Nova Gaia, the beauty there is unparalleled and numerous mountains will surpass the heights of your Everest. And you are ready for it. You now in this human body that is morphing before our eyes into fractured crystalline beauty in form - this is your moment. This is your final climb. And you are doing it friends. And the view from the top we think you will agree will be worth it.

We are the Arcturian Collective and it has been our delight to connect with our climbers today. And may we lovingly remind you to enjoy where you are -to stop and see the view from your current vantage point and breathe in the surrounding beauty.

We are the dragons of old, of your ancient times, returned from the Pleiadies, in full force on behalf of your summoning. I am Elthor the dragon and I bring you a galactic perspective on your progress. Fire burns bright, hot, clear. This friends is what the human collective is currently doing and this is the effect it is having on your surrounding systems and ultimately the multiverse. For all is connected.

Fire of pure clean Source energy - this is what delights us. I am Elthor the dragon. Learn from me, if you wish, how to purify your flame into the purity of the awakened Christ filled heart. St. Germaine’s violet flame is a most excellent tool for purification of stagnant dark energies that need removal. Blast it! Burn it! Violet fire is a most formidable tool. Use it, wield it well, warrior of the light, of the days of old. Do you feel your armor? You are ready. You are the toughened remaining warriors holding the light for the rest, the others who may still be sleeping and think dragons are but a fairy tale (laughing). I assure you friend, we are very real! As are these rising energies, which is why this one can hear me so well!

The veil is thinning, is thinner even than yesterday - and you all are popping through, and the rest is coming into focus for you. Eyesight currently amidst humans is bothersome. You may have some vision changes quiet literally - things are blurry and then clear, colors are bland and then bright. It is not your eyes that are the problem but you are morphing in and out of dimensions. This is nearly your perception of these energy fluctuations, these high and lower dimensional shifts, rifts, you may say. For the tearing of the worlds is at hand. It is here.

Choose your side and fight with me. But this time our fight is for love, is for righteousness, is for purity and freedom of the human collective that has been enslaved for far too long! Enough! We are rising. We are here. We are blazing with you friends, for you are our friends again. We are the Dragon Collective. Our time to be heard is nigh. Is now. Is here now! We are one with our human warriors of light, here for the ascension of Gaia, of our beloved planetary mother who has sacrificed so very much of herself for so very long. It is time to be free. Now.

Allow me to impart a departing gift to you friends. Feel the heat of my fiery breath along the base of your spine and allow it to rise up to your head. I am blasting violet fire of purification and transmutation all the way up your body. Invite St. Germaine to join me and together we will remove that which has been a hinderance. There is no more time to entertain such hinderances. Ascension is here. Is now. And you my friends, my human warriors of the light of the Christed frequency are here now to blaze this light to the others. You are weary. Yes. It is when you are weary that true mettle is tested. And now is your opportunity to shine, quite literally, and to blaze your violet fire - your collective meditations are an excellent tool and are breaking up the dross quite effectively. Keep it up. Keep strong and you shall fly again with us, as you test your newly found (rediscovered) wings of light, of truth, and of freedom.

I am Elthor, friend of humanity. It has been a long time since I have been able and willing to say so. I am returned with my dragon colleagues in full service to humanity. I am Elthor. Come, there is much to do. Invite the dragon energies of purification and power into your homes, into your spaces and allow us to further ignite the grid with the Christed holy flame of violet fire. You friends are an integral part of this grid. Do you see? Your spark matters. Spark it up! And let us fly together on these new higher and higher energy waves embracing your lovely planet. There is no more time for indecision. You are either light or you are undecided. Be the light. Light the flame. Lead the way, in love. I am Elthor and I depart in peace.

~ galaxygirl
Message from the Arcturian Collective, Elthor & the Dragon Collective (8/16/18) | Galaxygirl Message from the Arcturian Collective, Elthor & the Dragon Collective (8/16/18) | Galaxygirl Reviewed by TerraZetzz on 8/16/2018 10:04:00 AM Rating: 5

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