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Unborn Baby Bubble wants a Non-Earth, Non-human, Mother-less uncorrupted Non-Evil Light as a Spirit-feather, Kind as Invisible, Gender-free, courageous Love-Listening timeless-reverie, Non-knowing Wisdom-humility filled, authentic unassuming responsive freeing-energy Sentient Light Being, interconnected Unborn Baby Bubble into playing around the Universal Cosmic Light ID without, ever looking down or looking up at each other as Spirit friends, who have, never experienced Mother gravity on Evil Earth yet.

References are denied as, just a bibliographical divisive-lie, and no face, and no name is required without any biological algorithmic history, so any human-perspective trace of needy need for proof of existence vanquishes any, and all probability, that we, ever can get Unborn Baby Bubble burst-along. Karma-free, Earth misery-freedom are two, most important unborn requirements so no victim/victimizer/caretaker Narcissist Triangulation Supply political bureaucratic Zombie Piss-toilet need apply, yet either.

I am floating dead ahead for the increasing gravity surface of Earth’s hostile environment, and as many times as I have floated on by before we will discover together how to enjoy a way to land invisible enough to avoid our Kind-less alarming curmudgeons into a battle they, never can win. I have a lot to say, and want someone who can affirm everything unimaginable with Acceptance-welcoming Delight-validation so, together we can, even astonish our Creative Intelligent Selves with, all we can Trust comes from not settling for any Evil Earth addiction.

Here’s a startling starling murmuration starter to begin with from Today’s Holographic instagram impression. I came close to Earth again as the floater any unborn baby bubble did, does, will, and for the first time ever as gorgeous Earth surface appeared closer, and closer, so too did This Universal Cosmic Light ID formless non-self serving Angel of the Kindest Kind speed up enough to feel Earth’s unloving non-welcoming Evil gravitas Authoritarian-centralization addiction. All I Know how to do is to float from above, down, and throughout, just like Existence flux-flow freeing energy, but there is no imminent danger-drama here because timeless-reverie has for~every~where to discover another Earth~rare Kind unborn baby bubble to play in the whole non-Earth Mother-less Universal Cosmic Light.

I hope others get my drift here while I slow down my float, because my basic intimation is something, only another Spirit friend of Light may be able to understand how much nothingness establishes our Angelic way of being to, instantly appear without any need for suggestive Duality-unkind biological-victim Moon Time gestation-fantasy non-Mother Blackmail seduction-period. Light is as instant as Holy Spirit nurturing, only knows nothing, but Kindness as the better side of any True Wisdom, so knowing nothing is also something much needed to fit the WANTED Billet so our Love Listening won’t have to cope with any Deaf and Blind Earthly control past/present/future-illusion distraction-motives.

Call me stupid if need be but, only another stupid ‘meek to Spirit Kindness’ need apply, because so far this Quantum Mystic plea has left out any, and all social-norm Earth-evil ignorance to corrupt two impossible Kind uncorrupted unborn baby bubbles from regular Unkind Earth weaponry bursting/blasting/Bully homicide/suicide/genocidal Psychopathic self-hate Narcissism<projection<evil, always increasing slave-motives for more innocent Supply.

WANTED DEAD/ALIVE/UNBORN… another unborn baby bubble Earth visitor without any gender-motives to drag us down, too fast into Evil-judging Earth-septic self-fulfilling prophecy -Hell, denied. Another floater drift is intimating no one need apply if anything self disclosed doesn’t float your boat so far, because as we go deeper into all the miserable D*** Shot right out of the Beautiful Earth-cannibal sky censure motif, we probably will discover ourselves in unheard of Harsh winds in a tiny rowboat without one drip-pity drop of Love Ocean doubt about how much suffering, already separates everything, and everyone, from from everything, and everyone, while we will become impossible weather in our lovely rowboat meant to role-model Delight Bonding Communion, totally missing on Evil Earth in Family Triangulation non-Spiritual visible-victim hate-motif drowning in Love-proclamation Family-ties tight-knot tangle-resentment Duality-illusion tango-lies.

I used to believe I had, never made one mistake yet, but one time I ‘thought’ I had made a mistake and found out later it wasn’t a mistake, but I still called ‘thinking I made a mistake’ in the first place a mistake anyway, so now I ain’t as perfect as some Karmic-censures would have me believe. I used to believe I had, never floated close by Earth yet, but right now I ‘think’ I have made another mistake, so even though there may, never be another unborn baby bubble, even if I discover no one applies to help me slow down into a gentle landing, I can make-believe I’m not perfect, because I can, still call this application a mistake, even if no one on Earth is able to be Kind enough to Love Listen, without their, own Karmic-distracting history-illusion Unkind Earth-baby mind-control Evil-censure.

All my Authentic guided writing with Holy Spirit~friend, really/already has put out this very “WANTED” unbelievable unborn baby bubble Earth-bursting innocent plea, so this isn’t a new idea, but just another ancient youth Watercourse innocent Way unborns have a way to remain, more honest than most suffering humans on biological separating logical algorithms by others, supposedly above the below-ones, who may need their assumed non-help instead of Kind acceptance of the Love Listening Creative Intelligence, that Cannibal Earth War made Reptilian Statist Stasis Satanic Child-sacrifice impossible, so far.

I am getting my own drift now, because everything Holy Spirit shows me, every day is another way to renounce anything, and everything the most evil ones use on us to keep Karmic-control over anything visible. Here is my revel motive to let go of everything that, already made it easy/obvious for A-holiness others to turn us into Physical-role slaves, so unborn baby bubbles must, really love it when “WANTED” flashing Kindness the better side of wisdom, than knowing anything at all any more?

Imagine my floating near Earth and already feeling safe from slowing down, just like I have done billions of times already, but flashing “WANTED” right out in front of everybody feels, even safer, that if I do get any Earth-applicant, together we can slow down the whole Earth rotation spinning out of unborn baby bubble control, as if two or more Light Sprits can do, just about anything visibly impossible. How to make babies safe again is to keep us as unborn in a bubble, as only Holy Spirit seems to be able to manage that Non-‘all, this, and that illusion’ Kind Wise-nurturing to absolute unborn Light Existence infinity, it seems to my floating unborn baby today idea~bubble.
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